Columbus OH
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Child Custody & Divorce

Common Ground Program at Buckeye Ranch

This program provides visitation services for parents who have court-ordered visitation.  They offer on-site service for supervised visits, on-site monitored visits, safe exchange services (drop-off or pick-up location for visits), and co-parenting classes.  The program is located at the Buckeye Ranch’s Rosemont Center.  Parents must have a child custody visitation order from the courts.  Contact directly for more information including eligibility guidelines.
2440 Dawnlight Avenue, Columbus, Ohio  43211
(614) 471-2626 or (614) 416-8792

Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio

Offers an alternative to the court system by providing an impartial mediator who helps work out voluntary settlement to conflict situations. They help solve family disputes such as marital conflicts and child custody issues. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale.
67 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 228-7191

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Division of Domestic Relations

The Mediation Services Office provides a neutral professional (the mediator) who helps the parents solve a visitation disagreement so they can avoid going to court and having a judge make that decision for them. The mediator will also ask the parents to discuss the needs of their children in order to do what is best for the children involved. Services are provided for free.
373 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 525-6147

Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency

Enforces child support orders so payments can be made, and gives advice to parents. They can also help with establishing paternity and health insurance coverage for children.
80 East Fulton Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 525-3275

Legal Aid Society of Columbus

Offers several services for domestic and family issues, including help solving child support and custody issues. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale.
1108 City Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206
(614) 224-8374

Welcome to Our Place

Offers mental health counseling to children and families, as well as supervised transfer of children from one parent to the other. It is a visitation and exchange program for families who have been ordered supervised visitation by the courts.
700 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43214
(614) 888-1690