Columbus OH
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Central Hotlines for Shelters

Families and Single Adults: (888) 4-SHELTR or (888) 474-3587
Domestic Violence: (614) 224-4663

Faith Mission Men’s Shelter

Provides 24-hour emergency shelter for men over the age of 18 and emergency assistance. Includes 3 meals a day.
599 East Eighth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215
151 North Sixth Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 224-6617, ext. 2151

Friends of the Homeless Men’s Emergency Shelter

Offers emergency assistance for men age 18 and over.
924 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205
(614) 225-0990

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Faith Mission

Provides shelter to men, women and veterans and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the year to anyone who is experiencing homelessness. In addition, they offer case management, employment assistance and a health center to help clients overcome barriers to self sufficiency.
245 North Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 224-6617

Open Shelter, Inc.

Provides emergency shelter and assistance to homeless people and those who are at risk of becoming homeless. They can help with landlord mediation, refer to emergency shelters and advocate for those with mental illnesses.
61 East Mound Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 222-2885

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)

Provides emergency treatment and shelter for men (age 19 and older) with substance abuse problems. Individuals may refer themselves or be referred by an organization.
966 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205
(614) 221-6561

Southeast, Inc. Friends of the Homeless Program

Provides support to homeless men and women through emergency shelter, transitional and supportive/permanent housing. These services are available to persons living with certain medical conditions and chronically homeless people.
924 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205
(614) 360-0251