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Transition to Adult Resources

Comprehensive Adolescent / Adult Transitional Care Home (CATCH) Program

Program provides personalized medical care and social support services to teens and young adults, ages 17 or older, with chronic conditions transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare. The members of the transition team are transition primary care doctors board certified in pediatrics and internal medicine, specialist doctors, transition coordinators, nurses, social workers and pharmacists. Visit the website for information on how a doctor can make a referral to their clinic.

  • Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Grandview
    895 Yard Street, Columbus, Ohio 43212
  • Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Hilliard
    3691 Ridge Mill Drive, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

(614) 293-7980

Got Transition? / Center for Health Care Transition Improvement

Works with youth who have special needs and their families along with their health care providers to provide support while transitioning into adulthood. They offer guidance as many of the youth are seeking out health care or learning to manage their own health care independently.
1615 M Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20036
(202) 223-1500

Nemours Pediatric Transition of Care

The website provides information to help prepare for a teens’ transition to adult health care.

Taking Charge

This website focuses on teens, and answers questions about relationships, parenthood, education, housing, legal rights, LGBT, foster care, immigration, money management and more. There is an online FAQ to help youth and young adults learn about their rights and responsibilities and other information they need to move with confidence through adulthood.
175 South Third Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 280-1984

Transition Resources, Websites & Checklists

Internal Medicine Pediatric Physician List
A list of physicians that see both kids and adults, so a patient who sees only a pediatrician can go to one of these after they have aged out of the pediatrician.

Transition Readiness Assessment for Parents or Caregivers
This assessment is for parents/caregivers to assess their child’s knowledge about their healthcare and needs.

Transition Readiness Assessment for Patients
This questionnaire assesses the patients understanding of their healthcare needs and their ability to use health care services.

Youth Transition Worksheet – for 15 years old
This worksheet assesses a child’s understanding of their health and independent living skills.

Youth Transition Worksheet – for 12 years old
This worksheet assesses a child’s understanding of their health and independent living skills.

Transition Checklist
Transition checklist for once an adult provider is selected.

Sample Letter – Age Out Patients
A sample letter that can be used to alert parents and patients of the need to transition to an adult provider.

Sample Letter – College Bound Patients
A sample letter for college bound students.

Sample Letter – Becoming A Parent
A sample letter for patients that have become parents.

Major Ohio Medicaid Provider’s Contact Information
A list of Links for Ohio Medicaid providers.