Central Susquehanna Valley
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Pennsylvania Teen LGBTQ (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Questioning) Resources

LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-920-9534 (9 AM-5PM)
Description: The LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central PA is a volunteer-led effort to create a regionally representative community center that is both a location and unifying point for Central Pennsylvania’s large, diverse and multi-county LGBT population. Common Roads, as the youth programming arm of the Center, serves LGBT youth in Central Pennsylvania through weekly group meetings in Harrisburg and Lancaster, support for area high school and college gay-straight alliances (GSAs) and community education and training on creating a safe space for LGBT youth.

Common Roads is coordinated by a team of adults who have expertise in working with young people ages 14-22. At least two of the team members are present at all meetings. Common Roads offers a safe environment where young adults can ask questions, get information and simply ‘be themselves.’
Common Roads meets every Friday evening in Harrisburg and Lancaster. Often, guest speakers address issues related to the arts and culture, sexual identity, safe sex, education and advocacy, religion and other issues that affect young people.