Central Susquehanna Valley
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Parenting/Foster Care/Adoption

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance

A Family Strengthening Program that offers various parent support groups, foster parent support groups, support groups for grandparents, incarcerated parents, parents with children in placement. While in meetings children participate in various children’s programs in the same location- Also helps parents who have had a complaint issued against them through DHS know their rights and obligations they have- 800-448-4906

Parents: The Anti-Drug

Website in many languages to promote awareness of drug use among teens, with advice and information. Get a ‘parenting tips’ newsletter. Sponsored by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.

Parents as Teachers

Provides parents with child development knowledge and parenting support.


COMPASS–Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services–is a web site that allows individuals and community based organizations access to screen for, apply for, and renew a broad range of social programs including Food Stamps, Health Care, Cash Assistance ect.-see what your family is eligible for!!

Children’s Rights Council

Website for single parents contains information on parental rights, visitation, education, job sources, and more. In Spanish, too.

Center for Effective Parenting

Website contains loads of parenting information handouts in English and Spanish.

Breastfeeding Help

24 hour help from local volunteers.

Attachment Parenting International

A kid-friendly parent group that provides information and networking for local families. Free monthly meetings on parenting and child development topics with the goal of building strong emotional bonds between parents and kids. Free, but $45 membership fee encouraged. (212) 473-4525

American Academy of Pediatrics

Website packed with resources for parents, including a guide to finding a pediatrician, preventing injuries, and information sheets on health topics.

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