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Smoking Cessation for Adolescents and Adults


Pennsylvania’s Free Quit line (1-800-784-8669) is offered as a partnership between the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the American Cancer Society. Based on state-of-the art techniques in smoking cessation, the service provides counseling and structured assistance for individuals who are committed to quitting.

Patient Advocate Foundation

This agency offers assistance to patients with specific issues with health insurance, employer and/or creditors, job loss due to illness. Professional case managers and attorneys can advocate for patients. Sponsors the Copay Relief Program. (800) 532-5274.

Medline Plus

This is a portal to trusted medical information on the internet, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine. This website contains articles on health topics, drug information, and medical dictionary/encyclopedia.

Fire Safety at Home Checklist

Attached is an excellent checklist for you to use to help determine your fire safety at home.
Fire Safety at Home Checklist

CAP4Kids Poster

If you want to display a CAP4Kids poster in your office, use it for a social service project, or just give it to a friend, this is the place.
CAP4Kids poster

Advocacy Definition

The process of asserting oneself or interceding on behalf of others within a system to get the benefits for which they are eligible. Through both direct aid to families and broader-based policy work, the goal of advocacy is to foster the self-empowerment of families by educating them about their own rights.

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