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Get Involved

To obtain a CAP4Kids Provider Manual that details how to start CAP in other cities, email Dan Taylor at

1. You must first find a person or team that will be the beacon to get this invaluable project started.

2. Compile a comprehensive listing of the various social service agencies that serve families in your community. Valuable resources for this phase include: social workers; health care professionals; community based organizations; telephone directory listings; internet searches using terms such as “child advocacy” or “children’s social services” or “after school programs” etc.; and contacting your city government. After this you must verify the accuracy of the information by calling each agency, linking to their website, or requesting brochures about their organization.

3. Organize the data into the appropriate parent handout or resource to make it useful to the end user.

4. Contact Dr. Daniel Taylor for assistance in launching a CAP4Kids site in your city at

5. Publicize the website to a broad audience that will use it to help families in need.

6. Audit the content of the site frequently to ensure the accuracy of the information pertaining to the community based organizations.

7. Integrate CAP into the daily practice of all persons caring for families in your city.