Children’s Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC)

Center-based preschool programs are provided in an environment where children are involved in play-based learning activities. These activities are designed to center on each child’s individual strengths. In the center-based program a team of professionals work together collaboratively in the classroom to address all of the child’s needs. Children with and without disabilities learn and play together at Children’s TLC.

Children’s TLC provides early intervention for infants and toddlers, early childhood special education, early childhood assessments, physical and occupational therapies, speech and language therapy, aquatic therapy, extended school year, outpatient therapy, social work services, and parent education and support.

Children’s TLC offers a deaf classroom. Children as young as one year of age begin to develop gestures to communicate and can learn sign language and early speech production, depending on the extent of the hearing loss, practice and exposure to the language. Many children receive their first hearing aids or cochlear implants at a young age and parent education is critical for successful use of any device to improve communication. Most children are able to integrate into a center-based classroom at age two.

One classroom on the Children’s TLC classroom concentrates on emerging lanuage ability. The Emerging Language and Literacy Project serves children who are identified as language impaired and who are potentially at-risk for difficulties in literacy development during the school years. The learning emphasis is on the language substructure important for development of reading and writing.

Children’s TLC
3101 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64111