Adult Basic Education

The Kansas City, Missouri School District’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) program serves older youth and adults who need basic skills to get a job, enter a training program, or pass the GED examination. Each year, ABE enrolls more than 6,000 students in day and evening classes designed to teach basic academic skills and prepare for the workplace.

Programs offered

  • Adult Basic Education
    ABE’s core curriculum covers reading, mathematics, language, writing, spelling, vocabulary, literature, science, social studies, and workplace and life skills. Many courses are specifically designed to help students prepare for the GED examination.

  • Parent Power Institute
    The goal of the PPI is to offer parents of students attending the KCMSD an opportunity tp prepare for a successful college experience. Click here to download the complete flyer.

  • Evening High School
    This program is geared for public high school students who need additional credit to complete the requirements to obtain a high school diploma.

  • English as a Second Language
    The English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum teaches language skills for everyday life. Courses cover Grammar, Conversational English, American idioms, and language-related issues associated with the naturalization process and U.S. citizenship preparation.

  • Workforce Preparation
    ABE’s Workforce Academy provides foundation skills in three basic areas: basic literacy, problem solving, and personal responsibility. Learning activities focus on core competencies needed to succeed in the job market, such as resource allocation, teamwork, information gathering, understanding complex systems, and applying technology.

  • Family Literacy
    The Family Literacy Program helps adults and children work together to develop basic reading and writing skills. The agenda covers adult education, early childhood education, parent education and support, and parent-child interaction.

  • GED Options
    The GED Options program of the Kansas City, Missouri School District is designed to offer eligible students a viable second opportunity to stay in school and acquire the necessary high-school-level knowledge and skills to pass the GED Test and earn a high school diploma within the same time frame as their peers. Students must be 17-18 years old and too far behind in credits to graduate with their peers. Participating High Schools are Central, Northeast and Anderson Alternative.

  • Fresh Start
    The Fresh Start program is designed for persons 18 years or older to earn a diploma in non-traditional ways. Students work to complete standard academic curriculum using computer-based instruction and applications.

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