Parenting/Foster Care/Adoption

Child Abuse Prevention Association

As part of its first phase of child abuse prevention, education, CAPA promotes effective parenting through its parenting classes.

Love and Logic is a 7-week parenting class intended to help adults improve their parenting skills and confidence. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes and logic allows them to live with the consequences of their actions.

Child Abuse Prevention Association
503 E. 23rd Street
Independence, M0 64055

El Centro, Inc.

El Centro offers bilingual parenting classes. These classes are aimed to answer parenting questions and help parents learn effective techniques to guide their children through life.

El Centro, Inc. Argentine
1333 27 S. 27th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66106

Family Friends

The Family Friends Grandparents and Relative Caregivers program was created to empower grandparents and relatives to help themselves improve the quality of their lives and those of the children they care for. We provide group support, guidance and education by trained grandparents, one-on-one support by trained grandparents and professionals by telephone or in their home, links to community resources, access to programs for children and youth for support and guidance as they cope with life changes, opportunities to learn more about legal rights, parenting a new generation of youth, substance abuse, caring for emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Our newest contribution is, providing clothing for grandparents and grandchildren through our clothes closet.

Children’s Mercy Hospital
2401 Gillham Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64108


Gillis is been dedicated to serving the needs of children and families of Kansas City. Gillis’ current focus of assisting troubled children and their families to become healthy and self-sufficient, remaining steadfast to their original mission of helping the ‘needy and distressed’ of Kansas City. Gillis is also committed to serving the needs of children and families in the future.

In several different programs, professionals with specialized training work with families in their homes. They help to avoid the separation of children from the family, to successfully transition children in out-of-home care back home and to help individuals of all ages with mental illness avoid hospitalization or achieve stability back in the community.

Main Campus
8150 Wornall Road,
Kansas City, MO 64114

Mattie Rhodes Center

Vida en Balance (“Life in Balance”)
A variety of family support and education groups meet weekly at our Northeast location. Classes promote healthy behaviors by incorporating Hispanic traditions and values and recognizing the importance of the family unit.

Four different educational modules are offered:

  • Family Development focuses on enhancement of marital and family relationships through improved communication and understanding between partners, parents and children.
  • Padres Activos (Active Parenting) provides guidance to single parents and couples on childhood developmental stages and positive disciplinary methods.
  • Healthy Households covers nutrition, buying and preparing healthy meals, hygiene, self-care, healthy lifestyles, and budgeting family income.
  • Navigating a New Life helps participants understand U.S. laws, access community resources and healthcare, complete applications, and address cultural adjustment issues.

Mattie Rhodes Center
1740 Jefferson Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Operation Breakthrough

Family Nurturing Program
Through its parent education program, Operation Breakthrough offers classes on topics in child development and household management and support groups to help parents cope with the challenges of child-rearing. Operation Breakthrough also has four family advocates on staff who work one-on-one with parents to create the best possible environment for their children’s healthy development.

Parents as Teachers Program
The Parents as Teachers (PAT) program provides child development information and parenting support to parents/caregivers of children from birth to 36 months at Operation Breakthrough. The teachers in classrooms for this age group have been trained and certified as Parent Educators through PAT and complete monthly visits with parents at Operation Breakthrough to discuss their children’s developmental progress and goals. They share what the child is learning and doing in the classroom as well as give information about developmental and health screens completed on the child. PAT also offers monthly group meetings where parents/caregivers can share information, develop relationships and learn about child development.

Operation Breakthrough
3039 Troost
Kansas City MO 64109

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten, usually age 5.

Parents are supported by PAT-certified parent educators trained to translate scientific information on early brain development into specific when, what, how and why advice for families. By understanding what to expect during each stage of development, parents can easily capture the teachable moments in everyday life to enhance their child’s language development, intellectual growth, social development and motor skills.

Parents as Teachers also offers

  • Personal visits during which your parent educator will share age-appropriate child development and parenting information, help you learn to observe your child, and address your parenting concerns.
  • Parent group meetings which are opportunities to share information about parenting issues and child development. Parents learn and support each other, observe their children with other children and practice parenting skills.
  • Screenings to assess your child’s overall development as well as health, hearing and vision.
  • Resource network that links your family to other community services.

To find a program near you, contact the National Center at 1-866-PAT4YOU (1-866-728-4968) or on the website

Project EAGLE

Project HOPE

Project HOPE is committed to helping teen parents enhance their parenting knowledge and skills, complete their educational goals, and achieve self-sufficiency. The program accomplishes this through a multigenerational approach and in partnership with existing community agencies and systems. Participation in the program is voluntary. Services continue until the mother achieves self-sufficiency or reaches age 21.

Project HOPE provides coordination of comprehensive family support services including early childhood education and parenting education; family planning; family and personal counseling; child care; employment and career development; education; transportation; and health and dental care. Family Support Advocates visit teens in their home. Goals are developed based on the family needs and wants. Family Support Advocates are available to guide and support each family.

Project EAGLE Community Programs
Tower II, Suite 900
400 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS. 66101

Stand Up Parenting

Stand Up Parenting is a community resource that offers parents education, mutual support, alternative strategies, and practical solutions to family problems. StandUp Parenting incorporates and builds on the basic philosophical thread that runs through virtually all of the parenting books, programs, workshops, and seminars that have as their ultimate goal the rearing of responsible, self disciplined adults.

StandUp Parenting begins with an assessment of the behaviors in our children that need confronting, followed by an inventory of the strengths we see in our children as well as an evaluation of our current parenting practices. During the process, a parent will realize their influence on a child’s strengths as well as their unwanted behaviors and attitudes.

With input from parents in the group, a plan is made based on both strengths and weaknesses and resolve to follow through with the support of a fellow member. Progress toward desired changes is noted each week and new plans are made. In addition, an educational component is included in each meeting, as well.

1001 Sunset Ave
Liberty, MO 64068
1-888-PARENT-9 toll free

Holy Trinity Catholic Church
9145 Pflumm Road
Lenexa, KS 66215
1-888-PARENT-9 Ext 714 toll free

Johnson County Community Corrections Office
135 S Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS 66061
1-888-PARENT-9 Ext 714 toll free

Overland Park
Unity Church Basement
Overland Park, KS 66212
1-888-PARENT-9 Ext 714 toll free

Overland Park
Crossroads Church
Overland Park, KS 66215
1-888-PARENT-9 Ext 714 toll free

The Children’s Place

The Parenting Support Services program at The Children’s Place recognizes the challenge of successfully parenting a child in today’s world. Working with biological, foster and adoptive parents, staff of the Parenting Support Services program help to support parents in raising healthy and happy children despite difficult circumstances.

Services provided by the Partenting Support Services program include

  • Parent Education Classes
  • In-home Parenting Support
  • Foster and Adoptive Parent Services

The Childrens Place
2 East 59th Street
Kansas City, MO 64113
(816) 363-1898

The Family Conservancy

Parenting has oftentimes been described as exciting and extraordinary, but no one ever said rearing children was easy. Parenting courses are designed to address the important issues and challenges of parenting. See how developing your skills can make a difference in your growing relationship with your child. Parenting courses may create a stronger bond between parents children, with fewer behavior problems.

The Family Conservancy also offers web-based resources on behavior and development, located on their website, below. This information was developed by early education and mental health experts at The Family Conservancy from a variety of evidence-based resources.

The Family Conservancy
626 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66101