New York City
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NYC Parks Summer Camps
Bronx: Debra Edwards, (718) 430-1847 | Brooklyn: Benjamin Campbell, (718) 965-8942 | Manhattan: Christina Luna, (212) 408-0243
Queens: Stephanie Joseph, (718) 393-7370 | Staten Island: Dana Vitolo, (718) 816-6172
The NYC Parks Summer Day Camp program offers children ages 6 to 13 a wide array of activities for a fun summer. Campers engage in sports, fitness, and outdoor adventures while taking part in many of New York City’s rich cultural and educational opportunities.
All children from ages 6-13 residing in New York.
Activities and Dates
— Canoeing and fishing with the Urban Park Rangers, tennis and golf hosted by City Parks Foundation, swim classes with Aquatics instructors and fun STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)
— Specific activities, dates, and trip destinations will depend upon the camp location. Check them out on this link.
— Cost: $25 per-child registration fee. Full camp fee, (Regular Day $500, Extended Day $575)
How to Apply
— The program is extremely popular and registration is conducted through a lottery
— You can enter the lottery any time from March 7 – March 21, 2022
— If you’ve been chosen by the lottery, you will receive these instructions by email.
More Information
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Updated on April 9, 2022