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iPad Request to the DOE

pngeggDevice Request form
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Have the student’s ID number in hand
If you need a device for your child for the fall, use the DOE’s Device Request form. This information will be shared with your school so they can work with you to ensure your child has a device for blended or remote learning this Fall. If you need to contact your child’s school, use Find A School, and click on the General Information section of the school details.
Who Can Request an iPad
Any child, from 3K to grade 12, who attends an NYC public school, DOE Pre-K, or 3K program (NYCEEC/FCC) and who needs a device is eligible to receive a device for remote learning.
Charter school students who are eligible for devices:
–3K-12 students with individualized education programs (IEPs)
–3K-12 students who are living in a shelter, foster care, or are living doubled up who need a device
Private School Students who are eligible for devices:
–K-12 students who were recommended for non-public school placement by the DOE and placed at a state-approved non-public school by the Central Based Support Team
–K-12 students who attend a private or religious school and also receive special education services from the DOE, typically through an Individualized Education Services Program (IESP), who need a device for such services
Preschool students who receive special education services from the DOE, including students in NY State-Approved 4410 providers and students receiving related services or Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) services.
Si necesita un dispositivo para su hijo, use el formulario de Solicitud de Dispositivo del Departamento de Educación. Esta información se compartirá con su escuela para que puedan trabajar con usted para garantizar que su hijo tenga un dispositivo para el aprendizaje combinado o remoto. Si necesita comunicarse con la escuela de su hijo, use Find A School. En la esquina superior derecha, haga clic en “Language” y seleccione “Spanish”. Luego ingrese el nombre o la dirección de la escuela.
Quién puede solicitar un iPad
Cualquier niño, desde 3K hasta el grado 12, que asista a una escuela pública de la ciudad de Nueva York, al programa DOE Pre-K o 3K (NYCEEC/FCC) y que necesite un dispositivo, es elegible para recibir un dispositivo para aprendizaje remoto.
Estudiantes de escuelas autónomas que son elegibles para dispositivos:
–Estudiantes de 3K-12 con programas de Educación Individualizada (IEP)
–Estudiantes de 3K-12 que viven en un refugio, cuidado de crianza o viven duplicados que necesitan un dispositivo
Estudiantes de escuelas privadas que son elegibles para dispositivos:
-Estudiantes de K-12 que fueron recomendados para la colocación en una escuela no pública por el DOE y fueron matriculados en una escuela no pública aprobada por el estado por el equipo central de apoyo.
–Estudiantes de K-12 que asisten a una escuela privada o religiosa y también reciben servicios de educación especial del DOE, generalmente a través de un Programa de Servicios Educativos Individualizados (IESP), que necesitan un dispositivo para dichos servicios.
Los estudiantes de preescolar que reciben servicios de educación especial del DOE, incluidos los estudiantes de proveedores 4410 aprobados por el estado de Nueva York y los estudiantes que reciben servicios relacionados o servicios de maestros itinerantes de educación especial (SEIT).
Updated on November 3, 2020

Project Cicero (annual book drive for public schools in NYC)
Project Cicero collects new and gently used books for children and young adults. Primarily, Project Cicero receives books from families with children in 100+ New York City independent, public and parochial schools. Collected books are then unpacked, sorted, and displayed by hundreds of volunteers at the Hotel Pennsylvania.
Currently, the organization is exploring other safe ways to get books into the hands of NYC public school students. Updated instructions on how to pick up free books for your child will be posted later in the summer 2021. Learn more at or send a message to
Updated on June 17th, 2021

Cafe Habana
(212) 625-2001 ext. 2
Cafe Habana, a landmark diner in NYC hosts the “The Kid’s corner”, a free weekend program.
Children meet on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-2pm to participate in creative workshops and crafts that teach environmentalism, wellness and community.
Cafe Habana also offers an Annual Back to School Bash with distribution of free school supplies. This year, the Bash is scheduled for Monday, September 3rd 2021.
Learn more at
Updated on June 17th, 2021

Donate NYC
DonateNYC is an essential part of NYC’s zero waste initiative, helping New Yorkers reach the goal of sending zero waste to landfills. DonateNYC offers organizations the opportunity to accept donations such as shelving, cabinets, bookcases, desks and more.
As a user, you can locate partner organizations that pick up donated goods and make them available for the public at Give+Find for Residents
Updated on June 17th, 2021.

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