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Environmental Health

Environmental asthma triggers: Organizations that provide in-home asthma interventions for NYC families




349 E 149th St #405 The Bronx, NY 10451 | (718) 577-2794


AIRnyc is a non-profit organization that helps families stay healthy, active, and out of the hospital through better self-management. Community Health Workers visit families at home to help children and adults with asthma stay healthy and out of the hospital. Community health workers speak English, Spanish, French, Susu, and Mandingo. Ask your doctor for a referral to AIRnyc. Home visits are performed from Mondays to Saturdays.


NYC_HealthNYC Department of Health “Healthy Neighborhoods” Program



The NYC Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) can help children and adults with asthma by identifying asthma triggers in their home and finding ways to avoid them. HNP provides free home assessments to children and adults diagnosed with persistent asthma by a health care provider. If HNP staff find environmental asthma triggers or other home health hazards, the program will work with building owners to correct the problems. To get a home assessment a health care provider should have referred you to HNP . You can print out this Asthma Referral Form (PDF) and give it to your health care provider during your next visit. More information here.


lsa_3-removebg-previewLSA Family Health Service

333 East 115th Street, New York, NY 10029 | (646) 672-5254


For East Harlem families (zip codes 10029, 10035).

The free environmental health program by the LSA Family Health Service helps identify and reduce the asthma triggers in your home. Their services include assistance with pest control (cockroaches, mice, mold, beg bugs, and others). Community Health Workers speak English and Spanish. For service, contact the Asthma Program at (646) 672-5254



New York State Children’s Environmental Health Centers


One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1057
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
New York, NY 10029


The mission of NYS CEHC (or “NYSCHECK”) is to prevent, diagnose, and treat environmentally related conditions for families across New York State, and is the first state-based model for pediatric environmental health services in the country.

Main areas of work: clinical consultations, screening families for environmental health hazards, education and training to the healthcare community, promote programs and policies to protect children, community partnerships.



Environmental Pediatrics Clinic at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The clinic provides outpatient clinical evaluations and coordinated services for children with known or suspected exposures to environmental toxins (such as lead, mercury, environmental asthma triggers).



Mold Busters at NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority)


Mold Busters at NYCHA
To report mold or a leak in your apartment and initiate the Mold Busters process, call the Customer Contact Center (CCC) at 718-707-7771 or use the MyNYCHA app.

Do not call the OCC unless you have first contacted NYCHA regarding a particular mold or leak problem and are dissatisfied with NYCHA’s performance.

The Court has appointed César de Castro as the Ombudsperson to consider complaints from Residents if NYCHA fails to comply with that order. Mr. de Castro will address NYCHA residents’ complaints about leak, mold and excess moisture repair orders. More information here.



Tobacco Issues

(866) 697-8487


New York State Smoking Quit Line provides free support to individuals who are interested in tobacco cessation: or call (866) NY-QUITS (866) 697-8487


What to do if secondhand smoke enters your home from a neighbor’s smoking:

Neighbor second-hand smoke


Information on smoke-free housing initiatives in NYC:

Smoke-free housing


Learn more about e-cigarettes and juuling:




Lead Poisoning


NYC Department of Health’s Lead Poisoning Prevention

Offers services for families affected by lead poisoning (including home visits) and resources for healthcare providers caring for children and pregnant women.


kisspng-logo-childrens-hospital-at-montefiore-brand-fon-peter-maccallum-cancer-centre-5b52c60fdec8d3.8558000815321513119125Regional Lead Treatment and Prevention Center at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

(718) 547-2789 |


When coming to to the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore for an appointment, please bring:

  • Patient’s last blood lead level
  • Housing information on any recent renovations or alterations
  • Any Department of Health or Department of Housing inspection reports
  • Other information related to possible sources of exposure
  • Physician referral document



Poison Control Center



(800) 222-1222


Offers instant help if the parent is worried a child has exposed to a poison: (800) 222-1222

If someone has been potentially exposed to a poison and is awake and alert, you should call the NYC Poison Control Center immediately, even if there are no symptoms of poisoning. For ingested poisons, do not try to make the person throw up. If the person is unconscious, convulsing, having seizures or having trouble breathing, call 911.


Poison Control Center: STOP! Ask First.


Prescriptions for Prevention

Prescriptions for Prevention 2

The “prescriptions” provide information on how New York families can address common environmental health concerns. The front of each prescription explains simple steps for reducing the exposure. The back of each prescription lists key resources that families can use to help address the concern. Learn more visiting