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Hot Meals/Soup Kitchens

NYC Food Delivery Assistance

GetFoodLogo NYC Food Delivery Assistance During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis
If you cannot go out to get food, no one can bring you food, and you are not able to use private delivery options, New York City will deliver emergency meals to you.
How much food can you get and when?
-The maximum number of people we will deliver to each household is 2.
-Each delivery will contain 9 meals per person, but no household will receive more than 18 meals per delivery
-All orders will be delivered within four days of the order date.
How you can sign up?
-Create an account here. Read and answer the question about your food request.
-Confirm your sign up by email and proceed to answer qualifying questions.
-Enter your contact information, select your food order, and enter the delivery address.
An estimated first and last delivery date will be given.
Updated August 19, 2020.

Free Grab & Go Meals by NYC Schools

Free Meals
Text “NYCFOOD” to 877-877 | Envía el texto “COMIDA” al 877-877
Find a Community Pick Up Site
Sites for free Grab & Go meals are changing starting Monday, and hours will be 3-5pm starting on Tuesday, September 27. Check the website for the most updated information.
-Meals are not available to the general public at any other time
-No registration or ID required
-Multiple meals can be picked up at once
NYC Student Take-Out Meals Starts 9/29/2020
Free Breakfast and Lunch meals are available for all NYC Students
Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm
No registration, ID, or documentation required
No dining space is available, so meals must be eaten off premises
Parents and guardians may pick up meals for their children
Find a take-out location here.

El horario de las comidas gratis Grab & Go cambiará a partir del lunes y el horario será de 3 a 5 pm a partir del martes.
Las comidas no estarán disponibles para el público en general en ningún otro momento, una forma de identificación no es necesaria, y se podrán recoger varias comidas a la vez. Consulta el sitio web para obtener la información más actualizada.
Las comidas para llevar para estudiantes estarán disponibles a partir del 29/9/2020
– Desayunos y almuerzos gratuitos disponibles para todos los estudiantes en la Ciudad de Nueva York
de lunes a viernes, de 9:00 am a 12:00 pm
– No se requiere registro, identificación o documentación
– No hay espacio para comer, por lo que las comidas deben comerse fuera de las instalaciones
– Los padres y tutores pueden recoger las comidas para sus hijos
Encuentra el lugar más cercano con comidas para llevar gratis (para estudiantes) aquí.


GetFood NYC Map

Food in NYC Map Locator
Grab & Go, food pantries, DYCD Cornerstone Centers, Farmers Markets, and grocery stores all visible together on one map. Check days and hours of operation.

Coronavirus NYC Neighborhood Food Resource Guides by the Hunter College


Coronavirus NYC Neighborhood Food Resource Guides


To help connect community members in need with food resources during this challenging time, the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center has created and is continuously updating the  Coronavirus NYC Food Resource Guides for each NYC neighborhood.
Each resource guide (by borough and district) includes information related to food access within the community, such as meals for students and seniors during this time, delivery services for people with disabilities, and resources for immigrants.

Para ayudar a conectar los miembros de la comunidad que necesitan alimentos durante estos tiempos difíciles, el Centro de Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center ha creado y está continuamente actualizando Guías con Recursos para Alimentos en cada condado de la ciudad de Nueva York.
Cada guía contiene información relacionada con acceso a comida dentro de cada comunidad como platos para estudiantes y adultos mayors, domicilios para personas con discapacidades y recursos para inmigrantes.


Free Sit Down Meals in Manhattan

Donna’s guide is a list of places that offer free breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make sure to look at the addresses that are under the day of the week that you plan to get the meals. Locations change depending on the day.
Click the link Donna’s Guide Free Sit Down Meals in Manhattan for the list of addresses for free sit down meals in Manhattan.


La Guía de Donna es una lista de lugares que ofrecen desayuno , almuerzo, o cena gratis en Manhattan. Asegúrese de localizar la ubicación de los establecimientos dependiendo del día de visita. Para acceder a esta información haga clic en el enlace:
“Guía de Donna para buffets con asientos en Manhattan”