New York City
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Health Insurance

NYS Health Plan Market Place

nysoh-logo-mainNY State of Health Marketplace
(855) 355-5777
Get help in obtaining an affordable health care plan that meets your family needs. Call 855-355-5777 to enroll or get enrollment help here.
To shop in the Marketplace, you: must live in New York, be a US citizen, national, or lawfully present immigrant. Different immigration rules may apply if you are eligible for Child Health Plus or NYS Medicaid based on your income. Cannot be currently incarcerated.
Updated on August 3, 2020

Patient Advocate Foundation

patient-advocate-foundation-logoPatient Advocate Foundation
(800) 532-5274

Offers assistance to patients with specific issues with health insurance, employer and/or creditors, job loss due to illness. Professional case managers and attorneys can advocate for patients. Sponsors the Copay Relief Program. Call (800) 532-5274 Monday–Thursday 8:30am-5pm and Friday 8:30am-4pm. By email contact them at

Explore their resources which will walk you through the world of health insurance as a patient.

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