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Reporting a Crime
Local Precinct Locator:
NYC victim hotline number:
866-689-4357 | Available 7 days a week for 24 hours a day (10-15 min wait).
Depending on the type of crime you want to report you could 1) file it online or 2) visit your local precinct. See instructions below.
Reporting Crimes Online (DO NOT know who committed the crime)
Types of crimes that can be reported online
— Lost property -property which cannot be located; does not include property that you think was taken from your possession. Example: forgetting a package on the subway
— Petit larceny -property that was taken without permission valued at $1000 or less. Does not include property that was forcibly taken from you. Example: Bike being stolen in front of a store
— Criminal mischief- intentional damage to property by a person Example: Intentionally breaking a car window
— Graffiti- intentionally drawing, scratching, or etching on property. Example: spray painting a store front. If reporting graffiti, upload a picture of graffiti
Requirements to report a crime via this website
— Must be a resident of one of the 5 boroughs of NY
— Have a valid email address
— Be 18 years of age
— You are the property owner or parent/guardian/employer or property owner
— You DO NOT know who committed the crime
— The crime was not captured on video
— Item being stolen ARE NOT a cell phone or license plate
Steps to File a Report Online
— Make an NYPD Online account and then submit report
— Receive an email receipt that the crime was reported
— Report will be reviewed by NYPD
— Report number (complaint number) will be emailed to you in approximately 5 business days
— A member of the NYPD will contact you if further information is needed.
Visiting Your Local Precinct
— If you have a crime that IS NOT one that can be reported online, you must report it to your local precinct. To find your closest precinct, visit
— If you are unsure whether you are a victim of a crime or want to learn more ways you can receive help, visit: or call the NYC Crime Victim hotline at: 866-689-4357.
— If a victim of domestic violence or trauma, the NYC Victim Hotline can provide free short-term counseling.
— If in need of an order of protection for an inter-partner relationship (i.e. family, spouse, children), they can assist in getting that order from family court. If not an inter-partner situation, the order of protection would be issued from criminal court.
— The NYC Victim Hotline can also connect callers to free legal services for domestic violence victims, whether it be for divorce, support groups, or any other of their concerns.
Family Justice Centers
Safe Horizon Counseling Center
Find more information visiting
Updated on July 28, 2021