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COVID-19 Info

Philadelphia COVID-19 Helpline 1-800-722-7112 and info (see resources)

Helpline and info for questions related to COVID-19. Click here Updates also here

Download this amazing document that lists Resources For Families in Philly including: FREE 24 hour a day video Lactation support app (Pacify); baby items (food, formula, diapers); WIC info; and things to do at home with your children as well as the COVID hotline. Click here for English and Spanish (coming soon)

Information for Employees Affected by COVID-19- Unemployment Info

If you are employed in Pennsylvania and are unable to work because of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), you may be eligible for Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation benefits. Click here for info
lick here for flyer on resources


Clarifi Free Financial Counseling during COVID

Counselors are available by phone to assist if you are experiencing job loss, temporary loss of income or financial hardship during this time. Call 1-855-FIN-PHIL (346-7445) to speak to a counselor today. Flyer here. Info on their website


From Public Citizens for Children and Youth- multiple resources updated daily-

PA Crisis Text Line

For Mental health crisis at this time individuals can text PA to 741-741 (crisis text line)