San Antonio
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Appointment Line (CAMO)/Referrals/Nurse Advice

Referral Management (CAMO): Call to schedule appointments/referrals. (210) 916-9900.   0630-1630 hrs Mon-Fri

Tricare East: Book/Cancel appointments, view personal medical information.  (800) 444-5445

Nurse Advice Line: Medical Advice Provided for dependents. (800) TRICARE (874-2273). 24 hrs, 7 days a week.

Tricare Online Patient Portal  Our secure patient-to-team messaging option, please use to communicate your child’s healthcare needs

DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System)

DEERS registration is essential for your family to be eligible for TRICARE and other benefits. Any changes that impact you or your family (e.g., marriage, birth, divorce, death) need to be reported to DEERS so that eligibility can start or stop.

How to make an appointment online:

  • Go to
  • Select “Make an Appointment”
  • Select “TX”
  • Select “San Antonio”
  • Select “ID Card Section (HOSPITAL, JBSA-Lackland, or JBSA-Randolph, etc.)”
  • Click on the day you would like to schedule your appointment
  • Type in all required information and click submit

Need to update your DEERS?

With this application you can: update contact info such as email, phone number, and addresses, print and digitally sign DD 1172-2 (s) for family member ID card renewals.

For further instructions and a list of required documentation, please go to

JBSA-LACKLAND, 5616 Stewart St., 78236  (210) 671-6006

JBSA-RANDOLPH, 550 D Street East, 78150 (210) 652-3036

WILFORD HALL (210) 292-7144

JBSA-FORT SAM HOUSTON, 2484 Stanley Rd. Room 100B, 78234 (210) 221-0415

HOSPITAL (bldg 3600 ,Rm L18-5) 802 FSS/ID Card Section, 3551 Roger Brooke Dr. (210) 916-0838

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