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Child Care/Respite Care

Early Head Start (0-3 years )&Head Start (3-5 years)

Head Start is a national program which provides comprehensive developmental services for low-income, preschool children ages from three to five and social services for their families. The services for children focus on education, socio-emotional development, physical and mental health, and nutrition. Please contact 696-4815.

Hawaii Kids At Work

Hawaii Kids at Work is a non-profit day care program that provides care for children aged 6 weeks to 3 years. Please contact 531-7213.

Parents and Childern Together (PACT)

Parents And Children Together (PACT) is one of Hawaii’s leading private non-profit family service agencies and is a leader in the design and delivery of a broad range of innovative social and educational services. PACT is an active partner with numerous community efforts, coalitions, initiatives, schools and other providers, and is a prominent advocate for the needs of Hawaii’s most socio-economically challenged citizens. Please contact (808) 842-5996.

Respite Care

Provides a break from child care responsibilities for parents who are under stress and cannot afford childcare. Please contact (808) 841-1027.

Preschool Open Doors

Preschool Open Doors is supported by the Department of Human Services, Preschool Open Doors (POD) helps families pay for preschool. Specialized for children with special needs, English as a second language and the homeless. For more information please contact O’ahu (808) 587-5254 Neighbor Islands (toll free) 1-800-746-5620 or visit

* P.A.T.C.H.

Provides parents with referrals to family child care homes and child care centers, resources on how to choose quality child care, information on child care subsidy programs,and connections to resources for raising healthy children. Please contact(808) 839-1988.

Alu Like Native Hawaiian Child Care Assistance Program

Alu Like provides subsidies to Hawaiian families for child care from birth to 13 years of age. Please contact 535-1300.

Child Care Connections

Helps low income families pay for child care servies for children ages newborn to 13 years old. Please contact (808) 587-5266.