New York City
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Help for You and Your Teen

NYC_children_logoThe Family Assessment Program (FAP) Website
Bronx: (718) 664-1800 | Brooklyn: (646) 584-5178 / 347-907-0464 / (646) 584-8935
Manhattan: (212) 341-0012 | Queens: (646) 599-3308 / (718) 725-3244 | Staten Island: (718) 720-0418 / (646) 276-4170
The Family Assessment Program (FAP) by the Administration of Child Services (ACS) provides support to families that are struggling with everyday challenges. FAP works to strengthen families, reduce conflict, and connect your family to many services that provide ongoing support in your community. It helps families handle concerns such as a child running away, skipping school, or disruptive behavior, without having to go to court.
FAP offices are currently closed to the public, but all inquiries and assessments can be done via phone and/or video. FAP connect families to evidence-based therapeutic services as well as community-based organizations. Please reach FAP by email and by phone.
The email box and phones are answered Monday through Friday 9-5, and all messages will be returned.