New York City
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LSA Family Health Service

lsa_3-removebg-previewLSA Family Health Service
East Harlem
333 East 115th Street, New York, NY 10029
(646) 672-5254

For East Harlem families (zip codes 10029, 10035).

COVID-19 update: LSA is doing virtual home asthma visits to all eligible families. The CHW will call the family to set up a session using a video conference platform of their choice. During the first session, the CHW will provide asthma education and also virtually assess the apartment for environmental triggers.
If any environmental triggers are present the CHW will coach the family on how to reduce them.
The CHW can reach out to the landlords on behalf of the family if there is a condition like mold or severe water damage in the home.
LSA is still providing mattress covers and other material to families; families just have to come to the LSA building to pick them up.

The free environmental health program by the LSA Family Health Services helps identify and reduce the asthma triggers in your home with a free home visit. When you agree to an appointment with a home visit, LSA will provide advocacy, education and a plan to control pests in your home (cockroaches, mice, mold, bed bugs, and others) in affiliation with other organizations for an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy. At LSA, community health workers are bilingual and can speak English and Spanish. To sign up for services contact the Asthma Program at (646) 672-5254. Remember that the Asthma Home Visit appointments are available from Monday to Friday.
LSA Family Health Service Home Visit handout.
Spanish LSA Family Health Service Home Visit handout.

El programa de salud ambiental gratuita de la organización LSA ayuda a familias a identificar y reducir los desencadenantes de asma en su hogar. Cuando acuerde una cita para una visita gratis a su casa, LSA proveerá sin costo educación para el control del asma y un plan para el control de plagas (cucarachas, ratones, moho, chinches, y otros). Los trabajadores de salud comunitarios hablan inglés y español. Aprenda mas acerca del programa en esta hoja informacional. Para servicios de salud para la familia, contacte el programa de asma al (646) 672-5254.