New York City
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Career Discovery NYC

Career Discovery NYC
Discovery NYC is a website where New Yorkers can explore careers in demand, learn about the skills required for those, determine a career of interest, and apply for training programs.
Get started and
–Explore careers in technology, healthcare, industrial and construction, and media & entertainment.
–Take introductory courses to help you decide if a specific career is a good fit for you.
–Spend more time practicing what you’ve learned to gain comfort and familiarity with those skills.
–Apply to training programs that can lead you to a new career.
To identify job offers and prepare for interviews, visit the Virtual Workforce Career Center website. Select your borough and visit the website’s online form. A member of the Workforce team will connect with you and provide support services.
For resources about free or low-cost WiFi, access this link.
Career Discovery is part of the NYC Department of Small Business Services.