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Career Discovery NYC


At Career Discovery NYC, you can look at jobs in demand, learn about the skills needed, find a job that interests you, and apply for free training programs.

Go to to find out more.

First Step Job Training Program for Homeless or Low-income Women


First Step helps women who are homeless or have little money gain the training, skills, and confidence they need to get jobs that pay enough to live on.

First Step offers six-week in-person classes to women who want to work in human services. Call 212-776-2074 if you have questions, or visit to learn more.

Unemployment Insurance


Unemployment insurance (UI) gives temporary income to workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, such as being laid off instead of being fired for bad behavior, or having quit on their own for reasons that were not the employer’s fault.


  • To apply for UI, create a NY.GOV account at and hit the button “Create an NY.GOV account.” If you already have an account, do not create a new one.
  • Get ready your social security number, ID (Driver’s License or Motor Vehicle ID number, Alien Registration Card Number), phone number, address, bank account number or routing number.
  • Collect the names, addresses, phone numbers of all employers for the last 18 months and wage details.
  • Submit the required information and documentation on the Department of Labor website.
  • Once a claim is filed, it takes three to six weeks to receive your first payment.

You are eligible to earn weekly UI payments for up to 26 weeks per year. People who work part-time may be able to get assistance.
For questions about eligibility and the application process, please visit or call the Department of Labor at 888-209-8124, Monday-Friday 8 AM-6 PM.
Learn more at
Updated on February 26, 2024.

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