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Childhood Safety

Bike Safety

See link below for Bike Safety tips from the Department of Transportation.
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Car Seats

Every state requires that infants and children ride buckled up. However, state laws do not always require the safest way to transport a child. More children are still killed as passengers in car crashes than from any other type of injury. Using a car safety seat correctly can help prevent injuries to young children, but it is not as easy as you think. Just a little mistake in how the car safety seat is used could cause serious injury to your child.
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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Information

Click below for information on CO safety.
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Gun Safety

By now, you probably know what guns are and what can happen if they fall into the wrong hands. Even though guns are featured in many television shows, video games, computer games, and movies, it’s important to know that real guns are dangerous. Guns are so dangerous that they can hurt or even kill someone you know – including other kids.
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Poison Control Center

The mission of the center is to reduce the number of accidents, severity of injuries, the number of deaths, and the healthcare costs associated with poison exposures

Our Children’s Homestead

A Non-profit ogranization dedicated to assuring safe and secure homes and neighborhoods for abused, neglected and troubled children, taking on some of Northern Illinois’ toughest youth, challenging our staff and volunteers to change the lives of uniquely challenged children. OCH’s innovative approaches are different from ‘traditional’ foster care programs.

  • 483 N. Mulford Road, Suite 8
    Rockford, IL 61107
  • Phone: 815-316-7626
  • Fax: 815-316-7652

Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting/Hotline – IL Dept. of Children and Family Services

Anyone may report suspected child abuse or neglect. Child welfare workers who staff the Child Abuse Hotline have special training in determining what constitutes child abuse and neglect under Illinois law. If a formal report is taken, a Child Protection Services worker will begin an investigation within 24 hours — much sooner if the child is considered to be in immediate risk of harm.

  • Phone: (800) 25-ABUSE (2-2873), or 217-524-2606
  • Fax: (800) 358-5117

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Department of Child and Family Services

The Department of Children and Family Services is best known for its child protection services. The goal of the Department’s child protection program is outlined in the state’s’Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act: “The Department of Children and Family Services shall, upon receiving reports made under this Act, protect the best interest of the child, offer protective services in order to prevent any further harm to the child and to other children in the family, stabilize the home environment and preserve family life whenever possible.
Illinois Hotline: 1-800-25-ABUSE/1-800-252-2873.

  • Rockford Office:
  • 200 South Wyman St. #201
    Rockford, IL 61101
  • Phone:(815)987-7650
  • Satellite Office:
  • 107 N. Third Street
    Rockford, IL 61107
  • Phone: (815)967-3731