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Foster Care

Foster Care Centers of Excellence

Harborview Pediatric Clinic

Multidisciplinary, trauma informed medical home for children and youth in King County involved with the child welfare system now or previously

Services include entry to foster care examinations, primary care, 24-hour nurse line, mental health services including psychiatry and psychology, and social work



Community Health Care

Multidisciplinary care center and medical home for children and youth in Pierce County who are part of the foster/adoption community

Services include entry to foster care examinations; primary, dental, and mental health care


Washington Medical Legal Partnership (MLP)

Legal assistance for families at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Help with obtaining guardianship and legal status for kinship caregivers

For additional resources and legal template letters for special education services, social security, housing, and tenant rights:



Support program promoting the social-emotional well-being of children 0-5 years living in out of home placements in King County and 0-3 years in Pierce and Snohomish Counties, providing support to the child and caregivers

Services include psychological assessments, developmental therapies, home visits/teleintervention and systems intervention


Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence

Parenting classes and support services for foster and kinship caregivers in Washington state

Alliance CaRES

Foster and kinship caregiver support including peer support across Washington State

1-206-221-4913 or email:


Programs and services for foster and adoptive families and peer support to foster and kinship families in Washington state

Family connections program to help biological families and caregivers work together as a team


Coordinated Care Apple Health Core Connections

Care coordination and care management services, and connections to resources for children and youth covered under Apple Health in Washington State in foster and kinship care, reunified with their parents in the past 12 months, those in extended foster care ages 18-21 years, and young adults who aged out of foster care and are ages 18-26 years



Coordinated Care a2A (adolescent to adult) services: tailored resources, health education and care connections for adolescents in foster care covered under Apple Health as they transition to adulthood

Passion to Action

Statewide youth advisory board to Washington State’s Children’s Administration

Advocacy opportunities for youth ages 14-24 years who are or have been in foster care


Mockingbird Society

Opportunities for adolescents and young adults across Washington State to participate in the social justice effort to improve the foster care system


Team Child

Legal advocacy services for youth, including those in foster and kinship care, living in King, Pierce, and other counties


Fostering Well Being

Care coordination and consultation services for children and youth served by fee for service Medicaid in Washington state who are tribal affiliated (AI/AN) or in tribal custody and not enrolled in the state managed care plan, and for those who are non-citizens or in the medically intensive children’s program (MICP)

1-800-422-3263 ext. 52626


Treehouse for Kids

Academic support via educational advocates and other resources for children in foster and kinship care across Washington State



Educational supports for high school youth through a program, called Graduation Success

Post-graduation support through the Launch Success program for young adults who have been in foster care to help them achieve a degree or credentials, living wage or stable housing


For families who prefer to access resources by telephone and/or via interpreters, call the Help Me Grow Washington Hotline: tel: 1-800-322-2588

Materials available in multiple languages

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