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Addiction Resources

National Association for Children of Addiction

NACoA is the only national membership organization focusing on the children of parents struggling with alcohol or substance abuse. Click here to learn more

Behavioral Health Locator (SAMHSA)

Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration provides the following resource: The Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator; a confidential and anonymous source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities in the United States or U.S. Territories for substance use/addiction and/or mental health problems.


Please click to access the Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator.

Alpha Home- Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Spiritually-based drug and alcohol rehab programs focus on both your spiritual and physical needs, proving a continuum of care that promotes a brighter future… and lasting recovery. Programs include:

 Women’s Residential Treatment: Treatment and support in a homelike setting for women ages 18+.
Outpatient Counseling for Men & Women:  Confidential, safe, gender-specific individual and group counseling.
Ongoing Recovery Support: Dedicated coaching and assistance available 24/7 for program alumnae.


Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line serves young people in any type of crisis, providing them access to free, 24/7, emotional support and information they need via an easy and approachable medium they already use and trust. Just text “HOME” to 741-741

More Info also at – Substance Abuse Resources for Parents

As kids get older, they often start to question the life lessons they hear from parents and teachers. They become more heavily influenced by the things they see on TV, the internet and social media. Teens listen to what their peers say, and they pay attention to what celebrity role models do. As a result, they get mixed messages, and they have to determine which information to believe.

Anti-drug messages such as “just say no” aren’t effective. Teens need concrete reasons to avoid alcohol and other drugs. They need facts and evidence. Parents have to know what they’re talking about if they want their children to listen.

As a parent, you are one of the biggest influences on your child’s decision to try alcohol or other drugs. There are several effective ways to discourage your kid from trying addictive substances, and you can be the biggest source of support if your child needs help recovering from addiction.

Check out the following website for a helpful tips on Talking with Teens about Substance Use, identifying problem behaviors, and seeking treatment options:


Kit for KIDS: National Association for Children of Addiction

Click HERE for a PDF meant to help children with parents suffering from addiction. It contains the following information:

  • A Letter to Kids
  • Questions and Answers about Alcohol and Drug Problems
  • What Can Kids Do?
  • The Seven Cs
  • People Who can Help Me
  • Books for Kids to Read

Starlite Recovery Center

Starlite Recovery Center offers help for adults and family members whose lives are impacted by addiction and alcoholism.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

The Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator, a confidential and anonymous source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities in the United States or U.S. Territories for substance abuse/addiction and/or mental health problems.

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