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Psychology Today

A great resource to find therapists and counselors near you that also accept Tricare! When you get to the website you can add filters to select your insurance provider, location, and age. You can also narrow the search even further by issues you would like to address or types of therapy the provider specialize in.

Psychology Today: Find A Therapist

You can also search for local Support Groups and Telehealth providers.

Psychology Today: Support Groups

Psychology Today: Telehealth

ADDA – Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Attention Deficit Disorder Association Info & resources for those with ADHD. Need school support?  Tons of virtual options as well.

Additude Magazine

Additude Magazine Multi-resource site for ADHD and learning disorders

ADHD Information Resources

Excel At Life

Public research-based psychological information in a usable format to assist with each individual’s pursuit of understanding and personal growth. The belief of Excel At Life is that everyone should have access to these resources.

Browse articles, videos, & complete questionnaires and diaries without needing to join or pay a fee.  Also can download Excel At Life’s free apps for self-improvement and managing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Medication Comparison Guide for Caregivers

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