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Child Care

City of San Antonio Childcare Assistance

The Child Care Services (CCS) division of the City of San Antonio provides child care and provider management services for Bexar County, and 12 surrounding areas. Families that qualify can obtain subsidies for many local child care providers.To qualify for CCS, individuals must meet certain criteria:

  1. Child(ren) must be under 13 years of age (Under 19 years of age for a child with disabilities)
  2. Families income must not exceed 85% of the state median income (see Income Eligibility Guidelines)
  3. Single parent working or in training/school at least 25 hours per week? OR
    Two-parent household with both parents working or in training/school, with each parent averaging 25 hours per week

Please see the website below for more information on who qualifies and how to apply.

Child Care Assistance Program

Air Force Child Care Fee Assistance was created to provide authorized Active Duty personnel assistance in locating, selecting, and offsetting the cost of civilian child care when on-base child care is not available, or a viable option for the service member and their family. The programs available through Child Care Aware(r) of America provide subsidies for eligible military dependents enrolled in quality commercial child care programs throughout the United States. Child Care Aware(r) of America authorizes subsidy amounts based on total family income for those eligible Air Force families, and supplies monthly payments directly to the prospective child care provider.

Here is the LINK to the Air Force childcare Assistance program information:



Respite Care of San Antonio

Respite care for children with disabilities including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Intellectual or Developmental Disability, Speech/Motor/Cognitive Delay, Microcephaly, Hydrocephaly/VP Shunt, Seizure Disorders, TBI, or various other syndromes. Non-disabled siblings may also be enrolled in community programs to help encourage a cohesive family unit.

Different programs include: Mother’s Day Out, Family Day Out, Parents’ Night Out, and other services. Explore the website for full details and enrollment information.


The Department of Defense (DoD) also supports a website that provides a single gateway for you to find comprehensive information on military-operated or military-approved child care programs worldwide. With, you create an account and maintain a household profile that you can access at any time from any location.


Childcare Aware of America

Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) works with a national network of more than 400 child care resource and referral (CCR&Rs) agencies and other partners to ensure that all families have access to quality, affordable child care. CCAoA leads projects that increase the quality and availability of child care, conducts research, and advocates for child care policies that positively impact the lives of children and families. CCAoA also provides child care assistance for military families through Fee Assistance and Respite Child Care Programs for those eligible. Check out the website below for more information and to get started.


Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP)


Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP)

Provides a variety of services that allow individuals under age 20 to live at home and avoid nursing facility placement. Provides respite care, adjunct support services, minor home modifications, adaptive aids and transition assistance services. Individuals eligible for MDCP also receive services through the State Medicaid Program. There is an interest list.
Click here for more information


United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County

United Way has become synonymous with caring and helping children, families and individuals. We have a long tradition of helping people with basic needs – food, clothing, shelter and safety – and changing lives through strong, well-managed programs. United Way is also engaging the community to get to the heart of problems

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