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Pregnancy Reproductive and Infant Resources

Sesame Street Parental Addition Resources

Click here for amazing resources for families and children affected by addiction

Philly Families CAN- Free support for families prenatally to 3 years old

Free support and expertise for new parents where you’re most comfortable – at home! Free Support Professionals that
will be there to provide you the help and resources you need to keep you and  your baby healthy during your pregnancy as well as up to 3 years old.  Go to or call 215-685-4701 about this amazing program. Health professionals can also refer families by clicking
Flyer click here  in Spanish here

Directory of home visiting programs

Click here for a comprehensive directory of home visiting programs that support pregnant and parenting families of young infants in Philadelphia. Listed by zip code.

MOMobile Healthy Families America (Maternity Care Coalition)

MOMobile HFA supports families from pregnancy through age 3 by providing in-home case management, family support, and health education. Community health workers link pregnant women and their families to prenatal care, health care, behavioral health services, early intervention services, and other community resources. Services in Spanish and English. 267-773-5130

The Parent-Child Home Visiting Program

ParentChild+ works with families with children between 16 months and four years old, over a two-year period. A trained community-based Early Learning Specialists visits twice a week for 30 minutes to help parents get their children ready for school. Parents will receive 46 books and toys over two cycles of the Program. All visits are currently conducted virtually due to COVID.

To enroll families in North Philadelphia contact: Anieka Mukhtar at 267-361-7877
To enroll Latino and African immigrant families in South and Southwest Philadelphia contact: Loyda Guzman at 215-219-8985

To enroll families in West Philadelphia contact Monica Allison at 267-666-8661

Eligibility Criteria

Nurse-Family Partnership

 Nurse Family Partnership is a nurse home visiting program for women having their first baby. The Nurse-Family Partnership provides regular home visits with a registered nurse during pregnancy, these visits continue until the baby is two years old. To qualify, participants must be having their first baby, be no more than 28 weeks pregnant, want to participate, live in Philadelphia, and meet the income requirements. There is no cost for the program. Program goals are as follows: improve pregnancy outcomes, improve child health and development, improve families’ economic self-sufficiency. Our program services all Philadelphia zip codes. To enroll in the program, please call 215-287-2114 .

Healthy Start

The Healthy Start program provides case management, home visiting, and health education to help pregnant women get the care they need to have healthy babies. Operated by Phila. Dept. of Public Health (call 215-685-2457) , Momobile (call 267-773-5120) and Einstein (call 1-800-346-7834)
Click here for provider by zip code.
Provider referral form

Philly LIFTS- Families affected by NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome)

Philly LIFTS (Linking Infants and Families to Services) is a program that provides direct support to parents and children affected by NAS (infant with opioids in their system). Info here or call (215) 776-4406

Early Head Start

A child development and family support program for pregnant women living in Philadelphia and families with children less then 3 years old. Provides weekly parent-child interaction in the family’s home, play groups twice a month, and info on health and nutrition. Click below to find one close to you.

New Parent News from Kidshealth Free email texts

Click here to get free emails texts about your pregnancy as well as newborn, infant safety and health.

Fussy Baby Network

If you’re struggling to care for a baby who is fussy, crying excessively, or has difficulties with sleeping or feeding, contact us.
Call our warmline at 1.888.431.BABY (2229) for telephone support nationwide.

Safe Sleep Philly

Great website from Phila. Dept of Public health with infant safe sleep info, materials, and links to getting a free Pack ‘n Play.
or FREE Pack n’ Play click here

Text for Baby

Free weekly text messages to help mother’s through their pregnancy and through the baby’s 1st year. Text BABY to 511411 or BEBE for Spanish.

Philly Loves Families

Amazing Resource from the Philadelphia Dept of Public Health, Philly Loves Families is your go to resource to find help from Pregnancy to Preschool. Go to and explore.

ELECT Teen Parent Program

ELECT (Education Leading to Employment Career Training) Teen Parent Classrooms help pregnant and parenting teens finish their high school education and plan for college and/or employment after high-school. The ELECT staff provides academic and social service support, case management, home visits and group activities. For more information call 215-400-4250 or
ELECT Referral Form

Turning Points for Children-Time Out for Teens and Tots

Offers a free 20 week parenting education program designed for teens 15-19 years old, who are caring for their children ages 3 and under- also operates The Family Project that helps all families with young children by offering various career programs, public assistance and food resources, day care referrals and housing information- 415 S. 15th Street-215-875-8200

Educating Communities for Parenting

Provides a wide variety of Power to Parent workshops for parents including teen mothers and fathers. Classes consist of year long school based programs, 12 week sessions, and assorted short term workshops. Programs focus on helping both parents and their children achieve their full potential. All services are provided free of charge. For information call 215-496-9780 X 203

The Lighthouse

Program that seeks to empower young mothers 13-21 years old with the skills necessary to compete in the workforce- GED prep., money skills- 152 West Lehigh Ave.- 215-425-7800, ext 309

Postpartum Mood Disorders Resource List

Find expert help for postpartum depression, baby blues and support In Philadelphia. Click below.
Click here for resources

Postpartum Depression Baby Blues Resources in Philly

Becoming a parent is exciting, thrilling, and wonderful. It is also major life-changing event that can come with mental and emotional challenges. The Philly Loves Families team is here to connect you with people and programs that lend mental and emotional support.

Depression After Delivery, Inc.

A national organization that provides support for women with postpartum depression or mood disorders associated with pregnancy- The PSI HelpLine: Call 1-800-944-4773 (#1 En Español or #2 English) or text “Help” to 800-944-4773 (EN) (text en Español: 971-203-7773)
Click here for great handout for moms

ACOG Postpartum Depression Information

Informative info from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) on Postpartum Depression and its treatment .

Safe Haven

If mother is not ready to keep a baby under 28 days old, and if baby unharmed, parent can take child to any hospital in Pennsylvania and parent won’t get in trouble. Child youth agency will find a family for the baby-Confidential Toll-Free Hotline: 1-888-510-BABY

Planned Parenthood of SE PA

The mission of Planned Parenthood is to protect and enhance reproductive freedom and to increase access to reproductive health care. Provides birth control; prenatal care; STD screens; and sexual health education- 1144 Locust Street- 215-351-5500 other locations, click here

Abortion resources from Dept Public Health

  • Plan C Pills: does not distribute pills, but generates list of how to obtain mifepristone and misoprostol within and outside the formal healthcare system
  • Aid Access: will deliver pills to all locations within the United States guidance on how to obtain pills directly from online pharmacies
  • Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline: for medical questions during miscarriage or abortion, staffed by clinicians open 8-11AM 7 days a week in English and Spanish
  • Self managed abortion safe and supported: medical questions in more languages through a web portal
  • All options: emotional support including peer based counseling
  • I Need an A: provides information on where to access an abortion
  • Reprocare Healthline: provides information and emotional support for abortion seekers
  • ReproLegal Hotline: provides information about legal resources for accessing abortion, including judicial bypass representation
  • If/when/how: can leave a message or complete secure online form for legal questions

Abortion Finder Nationwide

This program will help you find verified abortion providers nationwide. You can also text “Hello” to 435-3-FINDER or “Hola” to 218-3-BUSCAR. Go to for info and support.

Repro Legal Helpline

FREE Legal Helpline on reproductive, human rights. Call 844-868-2812 or go to their website here

Access Matters Information Hotline

The Council’s mission is to ensure access to high quality, comprehensive, reproductive and related health and prevention services, including info on abortions, to primarily low-income individuals and families. Free clinics throughout the city. Call (215) 985-2600 for info or  text “AskItMatters” to 66746

National Network of Abortion Funds

You can find information on financial assistance and tips for choosing a provider here

Maternity Care Coalition Breastfeeding and Community Doula Program

Free breastfeeding support and community doula (labor support) services for women and families. Doulas provide culturally-connected support to women and families during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and the weeks after birth. Breastfeeding support is provided by Certified Lactation Counselors (CLCs). Services available in English and Spanish. 215-386-3804.

WIC Breastfeeding Program

WIC knows that breast feeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Call 1-800-743-3300 for information on braest feeding or breast milk.

Breast Feeding Resource Center

This is a Nonprofit center staffed by Board Certified Lactation Consultants to address breastfeeding problems. Appts. necessary, sliding scale used to determine payment. 1355 Old York Road, Suite 101. 215-886-2433.

Nursing Mother’s Advisory Council

Peer help with nursing. Call 8am-11pm. 215-572-8044.

Phila Dept of Health Breast Feeding Promotion Division

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is involved in breastfeeding promotion in many ways including publishing thier annual Philadelphia Breastfeeding Resource Handbook.
Click here for breastfeeding plans in multiple languages
Philadelphia Breast Feeding Directory

Breast Feeding Library

Click below for info on breast feeding your infant.

MOMobile Rapid Engagement program (MRE)

The MOMobile Rapid Engagement program (MRE) provides support to pregnant and parenting people (with a babies 0-3 years  old) who are either using substances or in early recovery.  Advocates can help clients access any urgent needs (e.g. food, benefits, clothing and baby items), facilitate referrals to physical and behavioral health services, home visiting programs and/or other social service programs. Please call the MRE hotline number (215-972-0700) for additional information or to make a referral.  Provider and self-referrals welcome.

Doula Support Program

Doula support is provided at no cost to you. Services with your doula are voluntary. 215-685-5246 or “  Click here for info and to sign up

Caring Together Program

The Caring Together Program,  founded in 1990 helps women,  their children and loved ones overcome substance abuse and start a new life without drugs and alcohol. The program utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach to treat substance use and mental health disorders along with other issues that may have caused or resulted from substance use. Services available are trauma informed substance use and psychiatric disorder treatment including medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder, individual and group sessions focused on substance use education, relapse prevention, anger management, parenting, grief and loss, coping with trauma, life skills training and support for family reunification.  Referrals to other services for family member are available.
To participate in the Caring Together Program, women must be 18 years or older. The program is part of the Department of Psychiatry and Drexel Medicine and is located at 4700 Wissahickon Avenue (Wissahickon and Route 1/Roosevelt Boulevard). Please call 215-967-2130 if you or your loved ones are interested.

NEXT Distro FREE Overdose Prevention Supplies

An online and mail-based harm reduction service designed to reduce opioid overdose death, prevent injection-related disease transmission, and improve the lives of people who use drugs. Click here to learn more

Your Heart Matters/Early Warning Signs

Site for women who have been diagnosed with heart issues during pregnany. There is help!-

The OVA- Birth Justice Philly

Advocacy organization to help decrease maternal mortality in Philadelphia- Click here to learn more and get involved-

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