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Stop Smoking

Secondhand Smoking in a Residence

Smoking and using e-cigarettes, which includes cannabis (marijuana), is prohibited in the common areas of residential buildings with three or more units.
Common areas include:
– Lobbies
– Hallways
– Stairways
– Elevators
– Basements
– Laundry rooms
You can make a complaint about:
– Smoking taking place in locations covered by the Smoke-Free Air Act
– A building owner that has not disclosed or shared a policy on smoking to current or prospective tenants
Find more information on the Frequently Asked Questions Handout by the Department of Health on the link Contact your landlord to make a smoking complaint. Call 311 for assistance by phone.
Updated on May 25th, 2021

New York State Smoking Quit Line

NYSSQLLogo_BlackNew York State Smoking Quit Line
Call (866) 697-8487 | Text (716) 309-4688
Monday-Thursday 9AM – 9PM | Friday-Sunday 9AM-5PM

New York State Smoking Quit Line provides free support to individuals who are interested in tobacco cessation.
New York State residents
How to Apply for Coaching or Nicotine Replacement Therapy
— Talk to a Quit Coach for help or questions about quitting
— Connect with a coach by phone (866) 697-8487, text (716) 309-4688 or chat at
— Or asked to be contacted at
Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on February 16, 2022

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