New York City
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Health Insurance

NYS Health Plan Market Place

nysoh-logo-mainNY State of Health Marketplace
(855) 355-5777
Get help in obtaining an affordable health care plan that meets your family needs. Call 855-355-5777 to enroll or get enrollment help here.

Patient Advocate Foundation

patient-advocate-foundation-logoPatient Advocate Foundation
(800) 532-5274

Offers assistance to patients with specific issues with health insurance, employer and/or creditors, job loss due to illness. Professional case managers and attorneys can advocate for patients. Sponsors the Copay Relief Program. Call (800) 532-5274 Monday–Thursday 8:30am-5pm and Friday 8:30am-4pm. By email contact them at

Explore their resources which will walk you through the world of health insurance as a patient.

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