Advocacy Definition

The process of asserting oneself or interceding on behalf of others within a system to get the benefits for which they are eligible. Through both direct aid to families and broader-based policy work, the goal of advocacy is to foster the self-empowerment of families by educating them about their own rights.

ARCH National Resource Center

provides a variety of informational resources to the general public: a National Respite Locator Service, an informative website with downloadable fact sheets on respite for families.

How to Make an Initial Referral for School-Age Special Education Services

Initial Referral for Special Education Services

Sample Letters for Special Education Evaluation

Children’s Mental Health Checklist (ADHD/Autism/Depression)

Request for Homecare

M11Q form

Patient Advocate Foundation

offers assistance to patients with specific issues with health insurance, employer and/or creditors, job loss due to illness. Professional case managers and attorneys can advocate for patients. Sponsors the Copay Relief Program. (800) 532-5274.


a portal to trusted medical information on the internet, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine. Contains articles on health topics, drug information, medical dictionary/encyclopedia.

CAP4Kids Poster

If you want to display a CAP4Kids poster in your office, use it for a social service project, or just give it to a friend, this is the place.
CAP4Kids poster

Center for Benefits and Services of the Community Service Society

provides direct services to families and individuals related to accessing public benefits, subsidized housing and achieving economic security. Helps with emergency rent needs. Call (212) 962-4795. For help with housing foreclosures, call (212) 626-7383.