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PASS Study Posters by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Poster: Tackling Food Insecurity with a Clinic-Based Food Pantry and Referrals to a Community-Based Food Pantry in New York
Zachary Gallin BS, Leora Mogilner MD, Jennifer Acevedo MD, Sonia Khurana BA, Paige Cloonan BS, Haley Ottensoser BS, Alexis Burgess MPH, Adina Singh BA, Katherine Ruiz BA, Shachi Mistry MPH MS, & Lauren Zajac MD, MPH.
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY 10029.

Environmental Asthma/ Asma Ambiental


El programa de asma ambiental de Mount Sinai es un programa de apoyo para la prevención de hospitalizaciones o visitas a la emergencia por episodios agudos de asma. Niños recientemente hospitalizados por asma son remitidos a nuestra unidad Servicios médicos y de educación son gratuitos.
Nuestros servicios
• Visitas de telemedicina con un especialista en medicina ambiental.
• Educación en asma.
• Remisiones con alergología.
• Visitas domicilarias para remediar plagas o eliminación de irritantes ambientales
• Seguimiento por un año.
Nuestros objetivos son:
• Brindarles una educación personalizada sobre el asma. Por ejemplo, trabajaremos juntos para asegurarnos de que su hijo/hija esté usando los medicamentos y el espaciador (inhalador) de manera correcta.
• Orientarles sobre medidas a seguir con el fin de reducir irritantes ambientales presentes en la escuela y el hogar.
• Trabajar con usted para identificar los factores que afectan el asma de su hijo/hija, como el moho, las plagas y el polvo los cuales son comunes en los hogares de Nueva York.
• Conectar a su familia con recursos de la comunidad para ayudarle a abordar problemas ambientales y otras preocupaciones comunes (como acceso a alimentos saludables o búsqueda de programas paraasistencia financiera)
Para preguntas por favor contáctenos por correo electrónico escribiendo a:
Updated on December 26, 2022

JustFix (Español) offers a free and secure tool for tenants to send their landlord a formal letter by USPS Certified Mail requesting repairs in their apartment. The service then follows up with the tenant to confirm whether the landlord rectified the problem. Users must create a password-protected account using their first and last name, address, lease type, and phone number.
How to Apply
Click here to access the tool and a video tutorial on how to use the tool.
More Information
Updated on September 13, 2022

Project Hospitality – Health Homes
150C Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 420-1475/347-359-7823 |

Project Hospitality offers free care management services and resources for social needs.
You must be a Medicaid recipient over age 21.
— Round-trip transportation to medical appointments
— Free resource referrals
— Health education by a Registered Nurse
— Free health assessments by a care coordinator
— Counseling psychiatric evaluations and different types of therapies designed to address anxiety, grief, depression, and other mental/behavioral health challenges (phone no. 718-273-8409)
Social Needs
Services can be provided in English or Spanish.
The youth drop-in center: Youth ages 14-24. Open 24/They also offer mental health counseling. You can come to 27 Port Richmond Avenue for:
— Access to computers
— Academic/career counseling
— Housing referrals
— Clothes
— Mental health counseling
— Health insurance, free legal/immigration advice, free tax preparation, and financial counseling.
Food pantry: open at 514 Bay Street every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m – phone no. 718-815-0800)
Soup kitchen: now opens at 11:30 a.m. on Tues/Thurs.
— Free legal/immigration advice
— Free tax preparation, and financial advice

Help Center at 514 Bay Street (phone no. 718-448-3470)
Help Center at 221 Heberton Avenue (phone no. 718-420-6466)

Services can be provided in English or Spanish.
How to Apply
— Counseling psychiatric evaluations and services, call (718) 273-8409
— Other medical needs, call (718) 420-1475
— Food pantry, call 718-815-0800
— Please call for a virtual appointment. Available services include assistance applying for public benefits
More Information
For More Information, their main/general phone number is (718) 448-1544.
Updated on September 13, 2022

Children’s Aid Staten Island Family Services Center – Health Connections
(718) 273-5305 / (212) 949-4950
for the Health Connections team
Children’s Aid care coordinators provide free medical care management services for children with Medicaid coverage in Staten Island that have specific medical and/or behavioral conditions.
— Referrals and connections to specialty services
— Remind families about doctor’s appointments
– Plan transportation
— Accompany families to doctor’s appointments
— Explain treatment plans to families
Children up to age 21 must have Medicaid coverage and specific medical and/or behavioral conditions like:
— Asthma
— Obesity
— Autism
How to Apply
— Different sources (social worker, hospital, school, community-based organization, mental health specialist, or other healthcare provider) can refer you to Health Connections by emailing this form
— Attach copies of your child’s most recent physical and/or psychological evaluation/Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in order to support eligibility.
— You must consent for the referral to Health Connections
More Information
Visit for program details.
Updated on September 13, 2022

Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI)
(718) 808-1421
56 Bay Street, 3rd Floor Staten Island, NY 10301

CHASI provides care management for people with two or more pre-existing chronic diseases that live in Staten Island and who are Medicaid-eligible or have Medicaid.
— Teens and Adults with Medicaid who have two or more pre-existing chronic diseases (e.g. asthma, heart disease, HIV, mental illness, or obesity)
— Residence in Staten Island
— Referrals
— Reminders for doctor’s appointments
— Arrangements for transportation
— Personalized education about treatments or medications recommended by a doctor
— Assistance enrolling for benefits

CHASI also has a free food pantry at 2134 Richmond Terrace (can call the pantry at 718-808-1840, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.). You can visit once per month. Assistance applying for food stamps/SNAP is available when the pantry is open. Pantry hours are currently as follows:
α Tuesday 10 am – 2 pm
α Wednesday 2 pm – 6 pm
α Friday 12 pm – 4 pm
α Saturday 10 am – 2 pm

How to apply
If you have Medicaid, CHASI’s outreach team may contact you about the Health Home Program. Otherwise, call (718) 808-1421 to schedule an initial appointment
More information
Updated on September 13, 2022

Cada Paso
(347) 885-1687
Cada Paso is a free summer camp for East Harlem residents. It has fun and fact-finding activities about air, climate, and health justice. Families and friends are welcome to attend any day or activity. Activities take place at the Jefferson Park (SE corner picnic tables for drop-off and pick-up) from July 11 to August 4, 2022. To sign up contact Rosa Diaz at (347) 885 1687 or Rosa is also available through Instagram @always.blessed3.
-East Harlem residents.
-Children any age.
-Families and friends welcome to attend any day or activity.
Play, science, art, biking, exploration, walking, field trips on the ferry, civics, activism, history & culture, gardening, family health resources and more!
July 11 to August 4, 2022.
How to Apply
Contact Rosa Diaz at (347) 885-1687 or to learn more. You can also send a message to Rosa through Instagram @always.blessed3.
More Information
Read more by clicking on the flyer at 2022 Cada Paso Summer Camp.
Updated on July 13, 2022

Free Summer Gym Membership for Teens
Locate nearby gyms at and find their phone numbers
Teens 14-19 can work out for free all summer with Planet Fitness through August 31.
Children 14-19 years old
How to apply
— Visit
— Select a club
— Fill out a form with teen’s info
— Parent should enter their info too
— Go through a waiver form
— Confirm entered information and submit the application
— Download Summer Pass to get digital Summer Pass
More information
Visit or call a nearby club.
Updated on June 16, 2022

Social Determinants of Health Screenings (SDH) & Referrals Program at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City

General information
Principal Investigators
Leora Mogilner, MD
Department of Pediatrics
The Mount Sinai Hospital
Lauren Zajac, MD, MPH
Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Program Coordinators
Jennifer Acevedo, MD, MPH Candidate
Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
P: 212-824-7109
Alexis Burgess, MPH
Department of Pediatrics
The Mount Sinai Hospital
P: (212) 241-2308
Scholars & Screeners
Sonia Khurana, Paige Cloonan, Eden Alin, Arthi Vickneswaramoorthy, Jenna Wisch, and Maya Venkatraman.
SDH Screening Questionnaire
Mount Sinai Hospital Pediatric SDH Screener
SDH Referrals & Resources
Resources for Common Concerns
Integrating a Social Determinants of Health Screener at an Outpatient Pediatric Clinic in East Harlem NYC JHCPU
Poster Presented at 2022 Exposome Symposium in NYC
Clinical Exposomics: Addressing Environmental and Social Needs of Families with a Phone-Based Screening Program at a Pediatric Clinic in New York City
Poster Presented at 2022 Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting
Unmet Social Needs In Spanish and English-Speaking Families Screened for Social Determinants Of Health (SDH) at a Pediatric Clinic In New York City

Hunger Free America |
English (646) 355-1475 | Spanish (347) 599-1510
Mandarin/Cantonese (646) 935-3513 | Russian (332) 600-5425

938 Sheridan Ave Bronx, NY 10451 (open to the public again)
Hunger Free America (HFA) NYC helps connect people directly with resources to solve food insecurity, while also advocating for policies and programs needed to end domestic hunger.
Low-income New Yorkers.
HFA NYC assist low-income families in obtaining aid from public assistance programs like SNAP and WIC and connect families nationwide with private food resources. Programs are:
Benefit Access: Helps provide NYC residents with access to SNAP and WIC benefits
NYC Neighborhood Guides to Food & Assistance: The guide contains comprehensive information about where to go in your neighborhood for food help.
Food Action Board Program: They work with community members to develop their leadership, advocacy, and community organizing skills.
COVID-19 Outreach: HFA conducts outreach to deliver information regarding vital food resources and the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure the health and safety of the NYC community.
How to apply
— To schedule an appointment with a Benefit Access team member, call 646-355-1475 to set up a free, confidential consultation.
— In this consultation, the agent will go over income eligibility requirements for SNAP and WIC, check to see if you qualify, and help gather the proper forms and information for the application.
— If a Benefit Access Specialist does not pick up, leave a message with your name, number, and the reason for your call.
Visit the Hunger Free America NYC location in-person at 938 Sheridan Ave Bronx, NY 10451.
More information
To find free food resources near you, call the USDA National Hunger Hotline at 866-3-HUNGRY (866-348-6479) or visit their online database for food pantries and soup kitchens near you. To download their neighborhood guide for food and assistance free of charge, visit this link.
Updated on May 5, 2022

Free At-⁠Home COVID-⁠19 Tests

USPS is providing a third round of free COVID Home test Kits to all households in the US. Each household will receive eight test kits.
Residents of the United States.
How to Order
— Visit and enter your residential address.
— Make one order (one order includes 8 individual rapid antigen COVID-19 tests).
— Receive an order number and delivery updates on your email.
— Get your order in the next 7-12 days.
Learn more at
USPS esta proporcionando 8 kits de pruebas de COVID gratis a partir del 19 de Mayo de 2022. Los pedidos se enviarán gratis a partir de finales de enero.
Residentes de los Estados Unidos.
Cómo Hacer una Orden
— Visite el enlace e ingrese su dirección residencial.
— Haga un pedido (un pedido incluye 8 pruebas individuales rápidas de antígeno COVID-19).
— Reciba un número de pedido y actualizaciones de entrega en su correo electrónico.
— Espere su orden dentro de los próximos 7 a 12 días.
Obtenga más información en
Updated on May 17, 2022

Benefits for Low-Income Workers Impacted by COVID-19
877- 393-4697/ 311

The benefit “Excluded Worker Funds” are a one-time payment to workers with low income who lost income due to COVID and who are not eligible for Unemployment Insurance (UI) due to immigration status or other factors. Benefits are paid by a Visa prepaid card mailed to the address on the application.
Applicants must show that they:
— Lived in New York State before March 27, 2020, and continue to live in New York State
— Are not eligible for and did not receive unemployment insurance or any other COVID-19 income relief or other specified benefits from the state or federal government
— Earned less than $26,208 in the 12 months prior to April 2021 and
— Lost at least 50% of weekly work-related earnings or household income at any point in time between February 23, 2020 and April 1, 2021 due to total or partial unemployment, or inability or unavailability to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic or, became responsible for a majority of their household income due to death or disability of the head of household.
How to Apply
— Visit for a full list of trusted organizations in NYC or call 877-EWF-4NYS (877- 393-4697) to speak with an agent and find a location near you.
— Find what to include in your application visiting
Find more information at
Updated on September 21, 2021

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)
1-844-691-7368 (Monday-Sunday 8:00 am-7:00 pm)
TTY 1-833-843-8829

05/15/2023 NOTIFICATION:

New York State ERAP applications are no longer being accepted.

Applications submitted before the application portal closed on January 20, 2023, including applications from subsidized housing tenants whose rent is limited to a certain percentage of income (including public housing, section 8 and FHEPS), are being reviewed and processed in the order received, consistent with State law and program rules.

Tenants and landlords may continue to upload required documentation through the ERAP Portal for pending submitted applications.


Program details:

*You are protected from eviction while you have a Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) application pending*
**There are no immigration status requirements to qualify for the program**
***You do not have to pay back the money paid to your landlord on behalf of you***

— NYS residents that owe rent since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020 AND
— Qualified for unemployment benefits or have lost income and/or have an increase in expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic; AND
— Have a monthly gross (before tax) household income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

How to Apply
Visit a community-based organization near your home that can help you apply for ERAP. Locate one here OR
Apply online on the following link: For steps on how to complete an online application watch

ERAP is not guaranteed and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have not heard about the status of your application, please call (844) 691-7368 or chat with a representative visiting

More Information
To learn more, visit the New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program Page:

1-844-691-7368 (lunes a domingo de 8:00 a.m. a 7:00 p.m.)
Mensjaes de Texto al 1-833-843-8829

ALERTA ENERO 11 DE 2021: El Programa de Emergencia para Asistencia con Rentas (ERAP por sus siglas en inglés) está aceptando aplicaciones. El aplicar al programa estatal de ERAP proporcionará a inquilinos con ciertas protecciones mientras el estado hace una decisión en cuanto a su aplicación.

El Programa de asistencia de emergencia para el alquiler (ERAP) puede ayudar a quienes no pueden pagar el alquiler adeudado debido a COVID-19. Los hogares elegibles con ingresos bajos y moderados pueden recibir hasta 12 meses de la renta adeudada, tres meses de alquiler futuro y otra asistencia. Todos los pagos se harán directamente al propietario a nombre del inquilino.

*Usted será protegido contra mociones de desalojo mientras tenga una solicitud del Programa de Asistencia de Alquiler de Emergencia (ERAP) pendiente*
**No hay requisitos de estatus migratorio para calificar para el programa**

***El beneficio no es un prestamo y no debera pagar de vuelta el monto que fue pagado por el programa al arrendador

Criterios de Elegibilidad
— Residentes del estado de Nueva York que deban alquiler desde el inicio de la pandemia por COVID-19 en marzo de 2020 — Han calificado para beneficios de desempleo o han perdido ingresos y/o tienen un aumento en los gastos debido a la pandemia de COVID-19; Y
— Tienen un ingreso familiar bruto mensual (antes de impuestos) igual o inferior al 80% del Ingreso Medio del Area (AMI).

Cómo Aplicar
— Visite una organización comunitaria cercana que pueda ayudarlo a aplicar a ERAP. Encuentra una organizacion aquí o
— Realiza una aplicacion en línea en el siguiente enlace:

ERAP no está garantizado y se determinará caso por caso. Si no ha escuchado acerca del estado de su aplicación llame al (844) 691-7368 o hable con un representante por chat visitando

Para obtener más información, visite la página del programa de asistencia de alquiler de emergencia del estado de Nueva York: Encuentra instrucciones acerca de como traducir contenido al espanol en:

Updated on July 18, 2023

Lower East Side People’s Credit Federal Union
37 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009 | (212) 529-8197 (Lower East Side)
2285 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10035 | (212) 828-6061 (East Harlem)

The Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union is a financial institution that provides loans and mortgages with much lower and affordable interest rates than any other financial institution. The LESPCFU provides counseling services and workshops to its members.
— Low income New Yorkers
— To receive services from the East Harlem branch, you must live in East Harlem
— People living in low-income housing qualify for loans and mortgages
— Everyone can receive services regardless of immigration status. The union serves all individuals with a social security number and an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) in the exact same manner without discrimination
— If a person doesn’t have a social security or ITIN number, LESPCFU will provide clients with an account, but not with loans or interest
–LESPCFU have programs to help members apply for an ITIN
How to Open an Account/Become a Member
— Need a $25 minimum deposit to open a savings account (need to open a savings account to become a member)
— Must keep a minimum balance of $75 to avoid a monthly maintenance fee
— Once you manage to do the above two things, you can open other accounts, like a checking account, for free
— For the checking account, a debit card is provided with no monthly or transaction fees
— If someone doesn’t have enough to open an account, LESCPFU will provide a line of credit which essentially allows someone to only pay when they use it
Provided Loans and Mortgages
— Interest rate for loans is usually within the range of 9%-11% as opposed to other credit cards on the market which are 20%
— LESCPFU work with everyone, regardless of credit score. If someone has a low credit score, the interest rate will be raised, but to a maximum of 18%
Find more information about how to become a member at Contact the Union by calling the 24-Hr. People’s Voice Response at (800) 854-3855 or sending an email to
Updated on July 29, 2021

New York Junior Tennis & Learning
20 Locations in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island
(347)417-8125 (Alejandra, Program Manager) | (Scott Daly, Senior Director– Community Tennis Programs)
New York Junior Tennis & Learning is a non-profit organization that offers free tennis classes to children through their program “Community Tennis”. The organization’s mission is to develop the character of young people through tennis for a lifetime of success on and off the court.
-Any child between the ages of 5 to 18.
-No one is ever rejected or turned away – subject to scheduling.
– Summer Tennis programs are scheduled to start the week of July 5th and will conclude the week ending August 20th or August 27th.
– You can register for as many classes as you want. Scheduled lessons are usually 1-1.5 hours.
Hours: 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm or 9am-2pm.
– Registration is continuous and OPEN. Contact Scott Daly at about the online registration.
– No documentation is needed.
For FAQ visit
Updated on June 24, 2021

Project Cicero (annual book drive for public schools in NYC)
Project Cicero collects new and gently used books for children and young adults. Primarily, Project Cicero receives books from families with children in 100+ New York City independent, public and parochial schools. Collected books are then unpacked, sorted, and displayed by hundreds of volunteers at the Hotel Pennsylvania.
Currently, the organization is exploring other safe ways to get books into the hands of NYC public school students. Updated instructions on how to pick up free books for your child will be posted later in the summer 2021. Learn more at or send a message to
Updated on June 17th, 2021

Vaccination Scholarship Incentive
Vaccine locator at
Parents or legal guardians of any New Yorker, ages 12 to 17, can enter their child who has received at least their first COVID-19 vaccine dose, for a chance to win one four-year full-ride scholarships (including tuition, fees, room-and-board, and expenses) to any New York State public college or university.
Online Entry
Enter to win a full scholarship at
Drawings Dates (Hurry!)
The drawings will be conducted weekly, for five (5) weeks, beginning on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Ten weekly winners (for a total of 50 winners) will be announced each Wednesday.
COVID-19 Vaccination Sites
To vaccinate your child, find COVID-19 vaccine locations at
Find more information at
Updated on June 2, 2021

Ailey Dance Camp by Children’s Aid Society
(212) 405-9156 | Darius Damazi Williams, Camp Director

Each summer, Children’s Aid hosts AileyCamp New York, a powerful dance enrichment experience made possible through a long-running partnership with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.
Children 11-14 years old
— Daily dance technique classes
— Personal development classes
— Creative communication classes
How to Apply
— Learn more about enrollment by calling 212-405-9156 or sending an email to
— Find other programs in Ailey Dance at
Updated on May 19, 2021

EduMate NYC

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 11.23.47 AM

EduMate NYC is a non-profit organization that provides free tutoring services to students of underserved communities across New York. Students are matched with a teaching fellow to gain a one-on-one learning experience. Help is offered online or on the phone and 1 hour of tutoring is offered per week.
Courses Offered
Art, French, English, Math, Music, Science, Theatre, SAT/ACT, SHSAT, and College Application Support
Additional course assistance provided according to the student’s curriculum.
Language(s) Offered
Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), French, German, Gujarati, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Yoruba.
Grade K-Grade 12.
Student Eligibility
– Must be residing within the US
– Homeless
– Facing disproportionate barriers to accessing education
– From a low-income family
– Special educational needs
– Learning English
– Online
– Free, but can make donations as desired
How To Apply
– Submit a completed application.
– A tutor will be matched to your child in a week.
– Ongoing enrollment.
For more information, visit Visit their resources hub at
Updated on March 31, 2022

A Little Joy Initiative
A Little Joy Initiative is a non-profit tutoring service provided by teaching fellows for students of underserved families nationwide. Students gain an interactive one-on-one experience with their teaching fellow over a 60-minute session.
Courses Offered
All subjects according to the child’s curriculum including English, Math, Science, Arts and Computer Science.
Language(s) Offered
English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean.
Grade K-Grade 8.
Student Eligibility
– Facing disproportionate barriers to accessing education
– From a low-income family
– Impacted by COVID-19
– Free online service.
How To Apply
– Submit a completed application.
– A tutor will be matched to your child by grade level, subject and availability as soon as possible.
– Ongoing enrollment.
For more information, contact
Updated on April 23, 2021

Learn To Be

Learn To Be is a non-profit tutoring service for students of underserved families through one-on-one help from knowledgeable tutors. It is free and online; tutoring schedules are flexible and most sessions are once a week for 60-90 minutes.
Courses Offered
Math, Science, Writing, Reading, Spanish, French, and History. Additional assistance in other courses depending on the child’s needs and curriculum
Language(s) Offered
English and Spanish.
Grade K-Grade 12.
Student Eligibility
– Must be residing within the US
– Attending a Title 1 School
– Receiving free or reduced-price lunch at school
– Living in a single-parent household
– Within a foster home
– Homeless
– Currently on or qualifies for food assistance
How To Apply
– Submit a completed application at
– A tutor will be matched to your child within a week
– Ongoing enrollment
For more information, visit
Updated on March 31, 2022

Khan Academy
Help Center

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization seeking to provide world-class education to students through an engaging learning experience. Their online platform contains homework assistance material, step-by-step problems and instructional videos for students to follow concepts in key subject areas at their own pace and fill in gaps with understanding material.

Courses offered
Math, Science, Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics, Reading & Language Arts and Life Skills.
Language(s) offered
36 languages including Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
Grade K-Grade 12
– Free online service
Khan Academy es una organización sin fines de lucro que busca brindar educación de clase mundial a los estudiantes a través de una experiencia de aprendizaje atractiva. Su plataforma en línea contiene material de ayuda con las tareas, problemas paso a paso y videos instructivos para que los estudiantes sigan conceptos en áreas temáticas clave a su propio ritmo y llenen los vacíos con material de comprensión.
Cursos Ofrecidos
Matemáticas, ciencias, computación, artes y humanidades, economía, lectura y artes del lenguaje y habilidades para la vida.
Idiomas Ofrecidos
36 idiomas, incluidos español, francés y portugués.
Grado K-Grado 12
– Servicio en línea gratuito visitando
Updated on April 21, 2021

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center (The Center)
208 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011
(212) 620-7310 | Electronic Form for Questions

Offers the city’s LGBTQ+ communities health and wellness programs; arts, entertainment, and cultural events recovery, wellness, parenthood, and family support services. To learn more, visit,
Due to COVID-19, The Center is currently offering all services remotely. The building will remain closed to the public until at least June 30, 2021. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9AM-10PM.
Remote services:
► Youth groups, internships, and one-on-one support sessions
► Individual, mental health, and family counseling including group support
► Substance use treatment services and groups
► ESL classes
► Insurance enrollment navigation services
► Services and programs for families and youth such as counseling for families with LGBTQ youth, financial and legal clinics, LGBTQ family therapy, and more.
To learn more about The Center’s programs specifically for young people, please speak with a screening counselor at (646) 556-9300 or email
For questions about other services, contact The Center at (212) 620-7310, Monday through Friday, 9AM-10PM or fill out this electronic form.
To learn more about The Center visit
Updated on March 6, 2021

NYC Free Tax Prep

The City can help you file your taxes for free online or in-person. To learn more, visit:
— Individuals who earned $56,000 or less in 2022.
— Families with dependents who earned $80,000 or less in 2022.
Virtual Tax Preparation:
— Visit
— Submit tax documents using your smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a camera.
— An IRS-certified VITA/TCE preparer will verify your tax information and contact you.
Assisted Self-Preparation:
— Do your own taxes with easy-to-use tax filing software, but phone or email a volunteer for help when needed.
Live Tax Preparation Options:
Drop-Off Service
You can drop off your tax documents and pick up the completed return later. Map available at
In-Person Tax Prep
Knowledgeable IRS certified VITA/TCE volunteer preparers help you complete an accurate tax return. Sessions take a minimum of 30 minutes.
General Information
— Filers must follow NY State health guidelines, including wearing a mask and social distancing appropriately during visit. Organizations may also conduct screenings or have additional requirements.
Reminder: Before visiting an NYC Free Tax Prep Site, make sure you gather all of your required tax documents.
— Most sites take appointments, though a few are on a walk-in basis only. Please find specific site information using this map to see if appointments are available near you.
— Hours of operation and languages offered to vary depending on the VITA location site.
Languages: English, Spanish, and possibly other languages depending on VITA location site.
Last updated 2/3/2023

The New York Center for Children (Child Abuse or Trauma)
333 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021
(212) 517-3012
All services are currently being provided remotely by telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Victims of child abuse and their families in New York City.
NYCC’s services are free of charge and available in Spanish and English. Services are tailored to children, parents, families, health care professionals, schools, and community organizations.
Individual Therapy: Clinical social workers and psychologists provide individual therapy to children, adolescents, and young adults and their families to help them heal from child abuse and trauma. To make a referral or for more information, please contact Raydel Rijo at (212) 517-3012 ext. 41 or
Group Therapy: Support groups to children, adolescents, and non-offending parents. To make a referral or for more information, please contact Karina Cruz at (212) 517-3012 ext. 22 or
Full Medical Examinations: On-site pediatrician provides a sensitive and comprehensive medical exam.
Professional Consultations: Phone and also, in-person consultations are available to victims, their families, and professionals engaged in the investigation and reporting process.
More information
► Learn more about NYCC by visiting
To report suspected maltreatment of a child please call 1-800-342-3720
Non Emergency Help Parent Helpline 800-342-7472
Out of NY State Child Abuse Hotline 800-422-4453

Big Apple Rx Card

big-apple-rx-logo Big Apple Rx Website
Drup Pricing
(888) 454-5602 | Contact Form
Big Apple Rx Card is a program specific to NYC for prescription drug discounts.
Residents can access the Rx Card online for free and bring it to their local pharmacy for discounts averaging 47% off of prescription drugs, with savings on generic drugs up to 53% and branded drugs up to 15%. The discount card can be printed from or necessary codes can be written down and presented to the pharmacy. You can also request a plastic card to be mailed to you. Call (888) 454-5602 to request a mailed card.
How to Use It
Present the Rx Card to a pharmacist. Most pharmacies in New York participate in the program, including CVS, Duane Reade, BJs, and more. The pharmacy finder can be accessed here:
Anyone in New York. There are no requirements needed to use the New York Rx Card program and they will not collect any personal information. Unlike insurance programs, there are no income, age, pre-existing condition, deductible, or waiting period restrictions. People with insurance may use the card as well for prescriptions not covered by their insurance or if the discount offers a price lower than their co-pay. You can ask your pharmacist for the price.

Tarjeta Big Apple Rx
La tarjeta Big Apple Rx es un programa específico de NYC para descuentos en medicamentos recetados.
Residentes de la ciudad de Nueva York pueden acceder a la tarjeta Rx en línea de forma gratuita y llevarla a su farmacia local para obtener descuentos que promedian un 47% de descuento en medicamentos recetados, con ahorros de hasta el 53% en medicamentos genéricos 15% en medicamentos de marca. La tarjeta de descuento se puede imprimir desde o escribe los códigos necesarios y presentaros en la farmacia. También puedes solicitar una tarjeta de plástico por correo regular. Llama al (888) 454-5602 y solicita la tarjeta.
Cómo Usar el Programa
Presenta la tarjeta Rx a un farmacéutico. La mayoría de las farmacias de Nueva York participan en el programa, incluidas las farmacias CVS, Duane Reade, BJs y más. Accede al buscador de farmacias aquí:
Todas las personas en Nueva York. No hay requisitos para utilizar el programa de tarjetas New York Rx Card y éste no recopila información personal. A diferencia de los programas de seguros, no existen restricciones de ingresos, edad, afecciones preexistentes, deducibles o períodos de espera. Las personas con seguro también pueden usar la tarjeta para recetas no cubiertas por su seguro o si el descuento ofrece un precio más bajo que su copago. Puede preguntarle a su farmacéutico el precio de los medicamentos.

Updated on February 27th, 2021

New York Rx Card

new-york-rx-card-logoNew York Rx Card Website | Mobile App
Medication Pricing
New York Rx Card is a statewide program for prescription drug discounts to help uninsured and underinsured residents afford their prescriptions.
Residents can access the Rx Card online for free and bring it to their local pharmacy for discounts of up to 80% off of prescription drugs, with average savings of 30%. The discount card can be emailed, texted, saved as an image, or printed from
How to Use It
Present the Rx Card to a pharmacist. Most pharmacies in New York participate in the program, including CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, and more. The pharmacy finder can be accessed here:
Anyone in New York. There are no requirements needed to use the New York Rx Card program and they will not collect any personal information. Unlike insurance programs, there are no income, age, pre-existing condition, deductible, or waiting period restrictions. People with insurance may use the card as well for prescriptions not covered by their insurance or if the discount offers a price lower than their co-pay. You can ask your pharmacist for a price comparison.

Tarjeta de Prescripciones de Nueva York
New York Rx Card es un programa estatal de descuentos en medicamentos recetados para ayudar a los residentes sin seguro o con seguro insuficiente para pagar sus recetas.
Residentes de Nueva York pueden acceder a la tarjeta Rx en línea de forma gratuita y llevarla a su farmacia local para obtener descuentos de hasta el 80% en medicamentos recetados, con un ahorro promedio del 30%. La tarjeta de descuento puede ser enviada por correo electrónico o mensaje de texto, o de lo contrario, guarda la tarjeta como una imagen o imprímela desde
Cómo Usar La Tarjeta
Presenta la tarjeta Rx a un farmacéutico. La mayoría de las farmacias de Nueva York participan en el programa incluidas las droguerías CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target y más. Accede al buscador de farmacias aquí:
Todas las personas en Nueva York. No hay requisitos para utilizar el programa de tarjetas New York Rx Card y éste no recopilará información personal. A diferencia de los programas de seguros, no existen restricciones de ingresos, edad, afecciones preexistentes, deducibles o períodos de espera. Las personas con seguro también pueden usar la tarjeta para recetas no cubiertas por su seguro o si el descuento ofrece un precio más bajo que su copago. Puede pedirle a su farmacéutico una comparación de precios.

Updated on December 20, 2020

COVID-19 Hotspots in NYC


Enter your ZIP code or neighborhood in New York City and find out if you’re in close proximity to a hotspot here.

You can find daily updates of information about people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in NYC here.

Food Benefits for Children during the Pandemic (P-EBT Cards)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families of children eligible for free or reduced-price lunch in NYC’s in public schools and private schools are eligible for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) food benefits. The total benefit amount is $420 for each eligible child.
This payment represents the value of school meals for the period of time from March when the schools closed until the end of the school year on June 26th.
How to Get the Benefit
-Children who receive free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program are eligible for P-EBT food benefits if their school has been operating with reduced in-person attendance due to COVID-19 during the 2020-21 school year
-Payments will be issued for each eligible school-aged child between the ages of 5 to 18 living in the household. The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance is issuing these payments
You do not (and cannot) apply for P-EBT food benefits
-Eligible children currently receiving SNAP or Temporary Assistance (cash) will have their P- EBT food benefits issued to their household’s EBT card.
-Eligible children who are currently enrolled in Medicaid and successfully accessed and redeemed their P-EBT food benefits for the 2019-20 school year on a NYS Medicaid card will receive their P-EBT food benefits for the 2020-21 school year on the same NYS Medicaid card.
-Eligible children who successfully accessed their food benefits for the 2019-20 school year on a P-EBT Food Benefit card will receive their food benefits for the 2020-21 school year on the same P-EBT Food Benefit card.
-All other eligible children will be mailed a P-EBT Food Benefit card with instructions explaining how to activate the card and access the food benefits.
***If you have not have been issued a payment or P-EBT card, please check the payment status of your school at***.
Click here for more information.

Debido a la pandemia COVID-19, familias de niños que califican para comidas gratis o a precio reducido en las escuelas públicas o privadas de Nueva York ahora califican para los beneficios de comida conocido como Transferencia Electrónica de Beneficios de la Pandemia (P-EBT por sus siglas en inglés). El total del monto del beneficio es de US$420 para cada niño que es elegible.
Este pago representa el valor de las comidas de la escuela durante el periodo de tiempo desde marzo cuando las escuelas cerraron hasta cuando el año escolar terminó el 26 de junio. Los pagos serán emitidos para cada niño elegible entre los 5 y los 18 años viviendo con la familia. La Oficina de Asistencia Temporaria y para la Dispacidad está emitiendo estos pagos.
Haz clic aquí para más información.


Ways to Help your Child Attend School Every Day

Learn how to boost your child’s confidence, keep your child on track with school work, protect your child from bullies, and keep your child healthy.
Visit Every Student Present by the NYS Parent Portal and learn to 1) boost your child’s self-confidence, 2) keep your child on track with school work 3) keep your child healthy, and 4)protect your child from bullies.

Childcare for Essential Workers with the Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs)


COVID-19 Regional Enrichment Centers (FOR ESSENTIAL WORKERS): For community members who are serving in these vital roles (healthcare workers, first responders, transit workers, restaurant employees, other key personnel) that have no other means of childcare, the New York City Department of Education set up the Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs). RECs are open and operate from 7:30am to 6:00pm (Monday-Friday). To enroll, your child must be a student at a school in the city. Complete this survey to start your enrollment.
RECs will ensure that students have access to remote learning as well as various art, music, and other activities. Find information about enrollment at the NYC DOE here.
If you are an essential worker and need child care, contact your local child care referral agency here to find openings.


Centros de Enriquecimiento Regional COVID-19 (PARA TRABAJADORES ESENCIALES): Para apoyar a miembros de la comunidad que están sirviendo en posiciones vitales (trabajadores de la salud, socorristas, trabajadores de tránsito, u otro personal clave) que no tienen los medios para cuidar a sus hijos, el Departamento de Educación de la ciudad de Nueva York ha instalado los Centros de Enriquecimiento Regionales (RECs por sus siglas en inglés). Completa este cuestionario para empezar una inscripcion.
Los RECs están abiertos y operando de lunes a viernes desde las 7:30am hasta las 6:00pm. Los centros se encargarán de que los ninos tengan acceso a clases remotas, así como a actividades diversas en arte, música y otras actividades sociales.
Información acerca de inscripciones en esta página.
Si eres un trabajador esencial y necesitas cuidado para tu hijo, contacta tu agencia local de remision para cuidado de ninos aqui para encontrar cupos disponibles.


COVID-19 Rent Relief Program

Rent Relief Program
Call 311 to get help

If you lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic between April 1 and July 31, and you have a rental burden or expect to have a rental burden, consider applying to the COVID Rent Relief Program (RRP). The application period has been extended to February 1. 2021 – call 311 for more information.
Calculate your eligibility here.
You can apply if you live in rent-regulated and market-rate homes. You do not need a lease. This program is not providing assistance on a first-come, first-served basis.
Eligibility criteria:
Before March 1, 2020 and at the time of application, household income must have been below 80% of the area median income, adjusted for household size. Find your county’s area median income.
Before March 1, 2020 and at the time of application, the household must have been paying more than 30% of gross monthly income towards rent. Gross income includes wages as well as any cash grants, child support, social security, unemployment benefits, etc.
Applicants must have lost income during the period of April 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020.
Households with at least one household member with U.S. Citizenship or eligible immigration status are qualified to receive the subsidy.
Tenants currently receiving a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher for housing costs or who reside in public housing are not eligible for RRP assistance.
For more information about eligibility visit
How to Apply
Applications for COVID Rent Relief Program Available Online at The deadline to submit your COVID Rent Relief Program application is February 1, 2021.
Previous Applicants Do Not Have to Reapply to Receive Consideration.
For Help Applying
Residents who need help or have questions about their application can contact HCR’s COVID Rent Relief Program Call Center for assistance at 833-499-0318 or Call Center representatives are available Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.
You can also call 311 and ask for the “Tenant Helpline” to be connected with tenant support specialists who can help you navigate the application process.

Si has perdido ingresos debido a la pandemia COVID-19 entre el 1ro de abril y julio 31, y debes sumas de renta o anticipas tener una deuda por renta, considera aplicar al Programa de Alivio de Renta.
El periodo de aplicación se ha extendido hasta el 1 de Febrero de 2021. Calcula tu elibilidad aquí.
Criterios para calificar:
Antes del 1ro de marzo de 2020 y al momento de aplicar, los ingresos de la familia deben estar por debajo del 80% de los ingresos medios de su condado. Encuentra los ingresos medios de su condado.
Antes del 1ro de marzo de 2020 y al momento de aplicar, la familia debe estar gastando más del 30% de sus ingresos brutos anuales en renta . Los ingresos brutos anuales incluyen sueldos, subsidios con dinero, manutención del niño, seguridad social, beneficios por desempleo, etc.
Los solicitantes deben haber perdido ingresos entre el primero de abril y julio 31 de 2020.
Como mínimo uno de los miembros de la familia tiene ciudadanía americana o tiene un estatus inmigratorio que lo califica para recibir el subsidio de renta.
Los inquilinos que actualmente reciben cupones de vivienda de la Sección 8 o quienes residan en vivienda pública no califican para el programa se subsidio de renta RPR.
Para más información acerca de la eligibilidad para este beneficio visite


Single Stop – Online Benefit Screener

single-stop-logoSingle Stop


Single Stop is a safe space that will support you and your family’s needs. There are free programs to help you buy fresh groceries, help you with your taxes, and help you care for your children.
Use the Single Stop online benefit screener to find out what benefit programs you are eligible for.

Single Stop es una herramienta segura que te apoyará con las necesidades de tu Familia. Existen programas que pueden ayudarte con la compra de alimentos, la preparación de tus impuestos, y el cuidado para tus niños. Usa la herramienta de eligibilidad para beneficios de Single Stop para saber a qué programas calificas.


NYS COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline

nygov-logoOffice of Mental Health Emotional Support Line

NYS COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline at 844-863-9314 is staffed 8 am-10 pm, 7 days a week. The phone line is staffed with specially trained volunteer professionals who are there to listen, support, and refer if needed.
If you’re experiencing grief due to COVID-19 get support through these reminders.You can also help others going through grief following these helpful tips.
*DISCLAIMER: The Office of Mental Health’s (“OMH”) Emotional Support Line (“Line”) is not licensed or unlicensed mental health care or treatment of any type regardless of what is discussed or who provides support.  It is for emotional support purposes only. The use of the Line does not create any confidential provider-therapist relationship of any type. The Line is not a substitute for professional health care.

La Línea de Apoyo Emocional NYS 844-863-9314 opera 7 días a la semana desde las 8 am a 10pm con profesionales entrenados para escuchar, apoyar, y remitir a otros servicios en caso necesario.
Si estás pasando por momentos de duelo, encuentra el apoyo que necesitas leyendo estos consejos. Tambien puedes ayudar a quienes esten pasando por momentos de duelo practicando estos consejos.
*EXENCION DE RESPONSABILIDAD: La Linea de Apoyo Emocional de la Oficina de Salud Mental no es una oficina de salud mental o tratamientos con licencia. La linea ofrecera apoyo emocional exclusivamente. El uso de la linea no equivaldra a una relacion terapeuta-paciente. La linea no es un sustituto de servicios profesionales en salud.


How Kids Can Fight COVID-19 E-BOOK

“My Hero is You” is a book written for children around the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “My Hero is You” should be read by a parent, caregiver or teacher alongside a child or a small group of children. It is not encouraged for children to read this book independently without the support of a parent, caregiver or teacher.
“My Hero is You” is a book written for children around the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
This book was a project developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC MHPSS RG)
“My Hero is You” should be read by a parent, caregiver or teacher alongside a child or a small group of children. It is not encouraged for children to read this book independently without the support of a parent, caregiver or teacher.

COVID-19 Resource Guide

covid_mockDuring these challenging times, resources may be of the most need for families. Text COVID to 692-692 for updates in NYC.
Access here this comprehensive live document with resources that cover food needs to legal help. As we learn more, we will be updating the list on a daily basis. If you have any questions, please contact us

Envia COVIDESP al 692-692 para notificationes en la ciudad de Nueva York. Encuentra una compilación de recursos disponibles para las familias impactadas en la ciudad de Nueva York por los cierres y cuarentenas debido al coronavirus COVID-19 aquí.
En este documento, aprende acerca de organizaciones y agencias gubernamentales que ofrecen servicios comunitarios. Para preguntas o si deseas compartir más recursos con nosotros, escríbenos al


Prescriptions for Prevention

Prescriptions for Prevention 2

The “prescriptions” provide information on how New York families can address common environmental health concerns. The front of each prescription explains simple steps for reducing the exposure. The back of each prescription lists key resources that families can use to help address the concern. Learn more visiting



Environmental Asthma Triggers: Organizations that Provide In-Home Interventions for NYC Families

349 E 149th St #405 The Bronx, NY 10451 | (718) 577-2794
AIRnyc is a non-profit organization that helps families stay healthy, active, and out of the hospital through better asthma self-management. Community Health Workers (CHW) visit families at their home Monday-Saturdays. CHWs speak English, Spanish, French, Susu, and Mandingo. Ask your doctor for a referral to AIRnyc or refer yourself.
AIR-nyc Handout.
Spanish AIR-nyc handout.

AIRnyc es una organización que ayuda a las familias para que se mantengan saludables, activas, y fuera del hospital a través de un mejor auto-cuidado. Trabajadores de Salud Comunitarios visitan las familias en sus hogares a su disponibilidad de lunes a sábados. Los trabajadores de Salud Comunitarios hablan inglés, español, francés, susu y mandingo. Encuentre más información en esta hoja informational. Pida una remisión a su doctor para el programa o llame usted mismo al (718) 577-2794


NYC_HealthNYC Department of Health “Healthy Neighborhoods” Program
Pediatricians Refer Their Patients at the CIR database.
The NYC Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) can help children and adults with asthma by identifying asthma triggers in their home and finding ways to avoid them. HNP provides free home assessments to children and adults who have reported the presence of pests at home and who have been diagnosed with persistent asthma by a health care provider. HNP serves all residents of NYC.
To get a home assessment a health care provider should refer you to the HNP. Pediatricians should refer their patients through the Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR).
You can print out this Asthma Referral Form (PDF) and give it to your health care provider during your next visit. More information here.

El Programa de Vecinos Saludables (HNP por sus siglas en inglés) ayuda a niños y adultos con asma identificando desecandenantes en el hogar y la manera de evitarlos. El programa ofrece evaluaciones gratis a los residentes de la ciudad de Nueva York con presencia de plagas en el hogar y quienes hayan sido diagnosticdos con asma persistente por un doctor.
Para obtener una evaluación en su casa, el doctor debera haberlo remitido al programa HNP. Imprima esta hoja de remisión y entréguela a su doctor en su próxima visita médica.


lsa_3-removebg-previewLSA Family Health Service333 East 115th Street, New York, NY 10029 | (646) 672-5254
For East Harlem families (zip codes 10029, 10035).
The free environmental health program by the LSA Family Health Service helps identify and reduce the asthma triggers in your home with a free home visit. When you agree to an appointment with a home visit, LSA will provide advocacy, education and a plan for pest control (cockroaches, mice, mold, bed bugs, and others). LSA’s Community Health Workers speak English and Spanish.
Informational Handout.
Spanish Handout.
For services contact the Asthma Program at (646) 672-5254.

El programa de salud ambiental gratuita de la organización LSA ayuda a familias a identificar y reducir los desencadenantes de asma en su hogar. Cuando acuerde una cita para una visita gratis a su casa, LSA proveerá sin costo educación para el control del asma y un plan para el control de plagas (cucarachas, ratones, moho, chinches, y otros).
Los trabajadores de salud comunitarios hablan inglés y español. Aprenda mas acerca del programa en esta hoja informacional.
Para servicios de salud para la familia, contacte el programa de asma al (646) 672-5254.



CAP4Kids Poster

If you want to display a CAP4Kids poster in your office, use it for a social service project, or just give it to a friend, this is the place.
CAP4Kids poster

Advocacy Definition

The process of asserting oneself or interceding on behalf of others within a system to get the benefits for which they are eligible. Through both direct aid to families and broader-based policy work, the goal of advocacy is to foster the self-empowerment of families by educating them about their own rights.

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