New York City
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Job Search Assistance & Placement

Virtual Workforce1 Career Center System

Virtual Workforce1 Career Center System
Workforce1 helps New Yorkers prepare for and connect to jobs across New York City’s five boroughs and in several sectors of the economy.
By applying to the Virtual Workforce1 Career Center system, you will be connected via web or phone to one-on-one help from professionals who can assist you in:
–Identifying jobs that are a fit for your experience and skills
–Preparing for interviews
–Accessing free training
All New Yorkers.
Visit their website and select your borough. Fill out and submit the online form that pops up. Within a day or two a team member will connect with you. All services are no-cost and do not require in-person visits.
Industrial and Transportation Career Center
If you are particularly interested in industrial or transportation jobs, connect with the Workforce1 Industrial and Transportation Career Center.
The Workforce1 Industrial and Transportation Career Center has industry experts that can help match you to training and employment opportunities in the following industries:
–Transportation & Warehousing
–Wholesale Trade

NYC Health Job Search

nyc_health_logoJob Search Website
The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has openings. Click here to find them and apply.

Find a Job

Register to attend a recruitment event, connect to training opportunities, or participate in interview preparation workshops and services. Services are no-cost and do not require in-person visits.
All New Yorkers
–Connection with training opportunities
–Interview preparation workshops
–Job placement
How to Sign Up
–Please contact a Workforce1 Career Center to complete the registration process and:
*Submit official proof of your identification
*Attend an Introduction to Services session
*Meet with one of our staff members to review your work experience, available jobs, and next steps.
Also, find job postings by the city scrolling down this page.

program-nyc-darkblueFind a Job in NYC government

Visit the Official Website of the City of New York, create an account, and find job postings in the NYC government.

NYPL Connections – the Job Search


e-bookNew York Public Library Connections – Ebook

Offers information about different organizations available to those looking for work. The focus of this resource is on opportunities for formerly incarcerated people, but there are also programs for everyone. Programs include job training, job placement, internships, career development, and more. The chapter “The Job Search” begins on page 262 of the pdf attached below.


El libro Conexiones de la biblioteca pública de Nueva York ofrece información acerca de diferentes organizaciones disponibles para las personas buscando empleo. El enfoque de este recurso es de oportunidades para personas que estuvieron encarceladas pero también hay programas para todos.
Los programas incluyen capacitación y ubicación laboral, internados, desarrollo profesional, y más. El capítulo “The Job Search” (Búsqueda de Trabajo) inicia en la página 262 del libro en pdf.


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