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For Children and Families: Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH)


Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH)
151 East 151st Street, Bronx, NY 10451
PATH is a temporal shelter program for families that do not have alternate options for housing. If this is your case, consider applying to the PATH program that will get a shelter for you and your children. We encourage you to explore options firstly with HomeBase before visiting PATH.
How it works: Once you arrive at PATH, you will first be interviewed by a Human Resources Administration (HRA) caseworker, who will inquire about your living situation and explain the services that may help you avoid entering shelter- including family mediation, anti-eviction legal services, out-of-city relocation assistance, Family Homelessness Eviction Prevention Supplement (FHEPS), or a one-shot deal through HRA.
You may be assigned a temporary shelter placement for up to 10 days while DHS investigates the information provided during the interview. Based on the investigation, DHS determines whether you are eligible for shelter, based on whether you have fully cooperated with the application and eligibility process and/or have other housing options available to you.
To learn more about how to apply, visit the PATH website.

PATH es un programa de albergue temporal para las familias que no tienen opciones alternas para vivir en una casa. Si este es su caso, considere aplicar al programa PATH.  Sin embargo, recomendamos que primero explore los servicios que ofrece HomeBase.
Cómo functiona PATH: Una vez llegue a las oficinas de PATH, será entrevistado por un administrador de casos quien le preguntará por su situación de vivienda. Este también le explicará los servicios que le ayudarán evitar entrar al sistema de albergue (mediación familiar, servicios anti-evicción, asistencia con reubicación fuera de la ciudad, el Programa Suplementario para Evitar Evicciones de Familias sin Hogar, y un trato directo con el HRA). 
Para aprender más, visite la página de PATH.