Eviction Intervention Services

A nonprofit housing organization for people who live on the East Side of Manhattan. Two evenings a week EIS offers housing advice to low-income residents and helps with Jiggetts applications. Other services include legal advice, anti-eviction help for woman-headed families, declutter homelessness prevention, tenant education workshops, housing maintenance repairs and followup. Located on ground floor of Lexington United Methodist Church between Lexington and Third Aves.
(212) 308-2210.

Coalition for the Homeless

Provides several programs to prevent homelessness, such as a rental assistance program which provides a monthly stipend to defray the expense of housing, coupled with case management to create a plan for being financially self-sufficient. The Scattered Site Housing Program offers permanent housing, personal support, and services to homeless persons and families living with HIV/AIDS. The Bridge Building program provides apartments for women and children, many of whom need housing in order to reunited with children in foster care. (212) 776-2000.

Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association (RENA)

Provides housing and community service programs where people can learn about tenant rights, receive assistance with housing benefits, organize tenant associations, and teach tenants how to improve their buildings.544 West 157th Street; (212) 234-2285.

Emergency Assistance Unit


Brooklyn Housing and Family Services

Contact this group for help with your housing issues. Brooklyn Tenants’ Council, 415 Albemarle Road, Brooklyn 11218; (718) 435-7585.

Common Ground

Offers affordable housing for working theater professionals and the formerly homeless, some of whom live with HIV/AIDS, mental illness, or physical disabilities. Supportive services are offered. Buildings offer amenities such as rehearsal space, exercise rooms, computer labs, rooftop terraces, and laundry facilities. Go to the website to download an application for the building of interest. Only studio apts. available.

Good Shepherd Services

offers community group residences and supportive housing throughout Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan. Call (212) 243-7070 for more information.

Progress of People’s Management – Family Housing Program

Write to indicate interest in family housing or call the number, which is updated daily. Progress of People’s Management, Attn: Family Housing, 191 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201; (718) 722-6079.

Brooklyn Community Housing and Services

Provides safe, clean supportive housing for formerly homeless children and families. 105 Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205; (718) 625-0635.

Catholic Charities

Rental assistance program. Prefer phone calls rather than walk-ins. Harlem: (212) 694-3939; Lower Manhattan: (212) 777-3111; Central Office: (212) 371-1000.

Midtown Center: St. John the Baptist, 210 West 31st Street; (212) 564-9070.

Brooklyn and Queens: (718) 722-6000.

City of New York

All buildings are required by law to maintain apartments in safe, livable condition and to provide heat from October 1-May 31 and hot water all year. Report problems to 311

Eviction Prevention (Community Service Society of NY)

Rental assistance in five boroughs. M-F, 9-5 pm. No Walk-ins. 105 East 22nd Street, Room 409; (212) 614-5351.

Jiggetts for Families

Available for some families on public assistance. Provides a monthly rent supplement (in addition to the regular shelter allowance) and may pay all back rent. To apply, call the Center for Housing Assistance (CHAT) Center at (212) 666-8401 or (212) 894-8094.

Homelessness Prevention Services

If you’re at risk of becoming homeless, your first step should be to call the City of New York helpline at 311. Out of the city call (212) NEW YORK.

New York City Housing Authority

Call for answers to public housing questions. Find out what programs may be helpful. Closed Wednesdays. Dial 311 in New York City.

Application offices:

Brooklyn/Staten Island – (718) 250-5900
Bronx – (718) 329-7859
Manhattan/Queens – (212) 828-7100

New York City Affordable Housing Resource Center

Join the housing lottery. For information call the Affordable Housing Hotline at 311.

Rental Arrears Grants for Families

NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) can help tenants who have legal possession of an apartment or applicants who have been evicted but whose landlords are willing to re-rent the apartment to you. This program may pay back rent through a ‘rental arrears grant.’ Call 311 to reach the HRA Job Center and ask for a rental arrears grant

Tenant Support Services

Provides many services for families in NYC managed buildings to prevent homelessness. Provide referrals to helping agencies, classes on family and life skills issues such as parenting, health, nutrition, home and money management. (212) 863-5777.

Healthy Neighborhoods Program

Operated by the City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Addresses health issues like asthma, home injuries, lead poisoning. Will make home visits, work with landlords to correct unhealthy building conditions, make referrals to helping agencies and medical care. All services free. (212) 360-5980

Listing of Landlords

These landlords are accustomed to working with Section 8 housing vouchers and might be a good place to start in your search for an apartment in New York City.

Neighborhood Preservation Project

Provides advice and legal help to New Yorkers threatened with loss of housing; also helps with public benefits issues when these impact ability to pay rent. From 2-4:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays (212) 417-3700


Helps families avoid homelessness by solving problems that can lead to loss of housing. Offers family mediation, landlord mediation, household budgeting help, legal services, financial help, household repairs and more. (917) 492-1019

Supportive Housing Network of New York

Information on what’s available in single occupancy residences. Click on the comprehensive “Guide to Supportive Housing Resources in New York.” (212) 870-3303

The Door

Its legal services center may help those in foster care ready to live on their own obtain a housing subsidy to help pay a portion of rent.
(212) 941-9090, ext. 3280.

Mortgage Payment Assistance Hotline

For families falling behind on mortgage payments, this national agency will work with a family’s mortgage company to arrange a plan to catch up missed payments. Housing counselors will discuss all options available to avoid losing your home. The agency does not make loans or buy property. (800) 750-8956

Pathways to Housing

provides help to those suffering from mental illness or substance abuse find and keep apartments. Sobriety is not necessary for obtaining housing. Helps to ensure that apartment repairs and emergencies are handled. Provides support and treatment to clients. 55 West 125th Street, 10th floor. (212) 289-0000.