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Affordable/Free Dental Care

Affordable Dental Care Clinics

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Get access to high-quality, low-cost dental care at various school-based, FQHC and non-profit medical centers with a curated list created by our CAP4Kids team.
— Comprehensive care and dental hygiene
— Urgent care for patients with pain, excessive bleeding, swelling, oral infection and/or trauma,
— Surgical extraction of teeth and removal of diseased tissue
— Pediatric dentistry, endodontics (inside tooth), periodontics, and more.
— Low income
— Have Medicaid
— Uninsured
How to Schedule an Appointment
— Access the file at
— Choose a dental clinic
— Call the clinic and have your Medicaid card ready if you have any.
Updated on September 7, 2021

The Institute for Family Health (East Harlem)


1824 Madison Avenue (at 119th Street), New York, NY 10035
(212) 423-4400
The Institute
offers high-quality, low-cost health care for all. In all their 31 practices, patients are not turned away if they are not able to pay. The Institute for Family Health has primary care, mental health, dental care, social work and many other services to patients of all ages.  Find the nearest location here.


El Instituto Para La Salud de la Familia brinda atención médica y a bajo costo para todos. Todos los pacientes son aceptados en las 31 ubicaciones del instituto. Encuentra servicios de salud primaria, mental, dental, trabajo social y otros para todas las edades aquí.

Updated on December 7, 2020

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